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One Piece | Who is the final Straw Hats?


Old information (Devil fruit number theory):

For those unaware, the devil fruits of the current Strawhats follow a specific naming/numbering pattern that relates to translating back and forth between their names (syllables) and corresponding numbers. To quickly summarize this, all devil fruit names are two syllable words, and these syllables can be converted into numbers using either the Sino-Japanese or Original Japanese names for the numbers from 1 to 10.

Gomu: go (5) mu (6).
Hito: hito (1) to (10).
Hana: hachi (8) nana (7).
Yomi: yo (4) mi (3).

Accordingly, all the devil fruits in the Straw Hats correspond to unique number pairs, and following this theme only (2,9) or (9,2) is lacking. More than that, if you add together all these number pair, including the lacking (2,9) you get this: 56+110+87+43+29=325, which can be read as San ni go, the Japanese reading for the Sunny Go. This has led people to speculate that the next and final devil fruit to be added to the Straw Hats has to correspond to 29.

This leaves the following options: Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and Kin’emon’s Fuku Fuku no Mi. If you don’t believe Oda cares so much about these number games, I recommend you watch Ohara’s interview of Yuderon (Japanese OP youtuber) on YouTube. Yuderon has made very accurate predictions purely based on word/numbers play on chapter numbers (ex: the chapter Jinbei joins). Yuderon personally believes for this reason that Yamato is not joining (as Inu Inu doesn’t fit the theme) and Franky inherits Kuma’s fruit. I disagree with both of these views, and will explain in this post, laying down what I now believe will be the final Straw Hat crew.

My own theory:

People who abide by the devil fruit number theory generally believe Kuma’s fruit will be the final fruit, because then the number pairs are done and the 325 for Sannigo will be complete.

But what if the next devil fruits to be added also follow a pattern, just a different one, and spell a new word? Let’s entertain this idea: if the devil fruits of the Straw Hats form two different patterns/words, then what determines if a fruit/member falls in the first group (number pairs, 325, Sannigo) or the second group? The obvious answer is the Time-skip: members that joined before the time skip add to the number pairs and form Sannigo, members added after the Time-skip form the next pattern. Thus, the 29 fruit has to go to a member that joined pre-timeskip. And here is my candidate for the one to inherit that fruit:

Why Vivi inherits Kuma’s fruit and rejoins the Straw Hats:

– As I said, Yuderon believes Franky inherits Kuma’s fruit (likely because of the cyborg theme). But we already had Franky clearly rejecting the Mera Mera no Mi. It’s important for him as a shipwright to be able to swim and not get weakened by the sea.

– Last time we saw Vivi, she and Kuma were both at Godland. Events involving both them which weren’t yet revealed took place: likely Cobra died, and Kuma who was already in a tragic state was the object of the fight between revolutionaries and World Government. It’s likely that Kuma died. It’s likely that something changed in the World’s dynamic which would make Vivi either unable to return to Alabasta or see that there’s no salvation for her country before the Straw Hats take down the Celestial Dragons.

– Vivi was probably the weakest crewmember even in Alabasta. Now she has been a politician for time the Strawhats were training for 2 years or collecting a Warlord as a crewmember. She needs a power boost urgently, and Kuma’s fruit is one of the most powerful around.

– As Vivi joined pre-timeskip, she can be part of the number pairs/325. As the is rejoining post-timeskip, she can also be part of the second pattern/word, being the only character able to be in both. And this is massive and I will explain why:

The second word and Yamato:

As we all know Yamato has the Inu Inu fruit. Inu can be read numerically as: ichi (1) nu (0). Thus, her fruit corresponds to the number 10. Now, if Vivi is the one to get the Nikyu Nikyu, she joins both pre-timeskip and then again post-timeskip, meaning she counts in both words. Doing the same sum game as before: 29+10=39, which can be read as “san ko”. The kanji “個”, read as ko, is used as a counter at the end of numbers, so 三個 (san ko) would be three units, three objects or three pieces. Now maybe there could be some meaning to this, but I don’t believe this is where it ends:

Why 13?

This post is getting very long, but you can look throughout the sub for mentions of 13 Straw Hats. There has been a lot foreshadowing to this specific number. But I will mention a specific one that is related heavily to this theory: in the Vivre Cards, Vivi is given the Straw Hat number of 13. Now, this could be interpreted as she being an honorary member and thus given the last place, and that there will be 12 Straw Hats or that spots 11 and 12 are for Merry and Sunny. But I believe it makes more sense if we take it literally: Vivi is the last and 13th member of the Straw Hats. Then who is the 12th? I believe this is explained by the second word. If we can add the number 100 to the previous sum, then we get 29+10+100=139, which can be read as jū san ko, 十三 個, thirteen units/pieces.

Combining the two words: Sannigo 十三 個, The 13 of the Sunny.

Who’s 100, then?

I was not the greatest fan of the Momo as a Straw Hat theory before this, admittedly, so I didn’t want to believe my eyes. But now, he is not a weak little kid anymore, he won’t need a babysitter. And the same argument that can be made for Vivi leaving Alabasta to join the Straw Hats because that’s the only way to protect it can also be made for Momo and Wano. He can also continue to get trained as a leader by Luffy and now by Vivi too.

The main point of his arc is facing the massive reponsibility of having to be an adult and a leader as a child, being forced to mature so early, so him going on this pirate journey is not that far fetched, and it’s better than for him to rule a nation as a child. It would also add some poetic justice that Vegapunk’s “failure” one of the despicable child experiments by the World Government, will help to bring it down. Also, the heirs to the family that refused to join the Celestial Dragons (Nefertari) and the family that refused to join the World Government altogether (Kouzuki) now help JoyBoy’s spiritual successor bring the World Government down.

“Wait, so all the other Devil Fruit users count for the pattern with their Devil Fruit names, but for Momo it’s just his own name? That’s BS.”- not really, and here’s why:

Momo has an artificial Devil Fruit which has never been named. None of the artificial devil fruits were granted names, actually, and Vegapunk considered Momo’s fruit to be a failure. Momo, as a Devil Fruit user, would count for the pattern, but since his fruit has no name, his own name is added instead. A culmination of his growth has been surpassing his trauma from Kaido’s Dragon form and making this unnamed fruit (that was forced upon him and that he despised) his own. It is, for all intents and purposes, the Momo Momo no Mi, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was named that explicitly at some point.

To Summarize:

Pre-Timeskip: gomu (56) + nikyu (29) + hito (110) + hana (87) + yomi (43) = San ni go (325).

Post-TS: inu (10) + momo (100) + nikyu (29) = jū san ko (139).

San ni go jū san ko = The 13 of the Sunny Go.

Theory by almondmint.