I think Wano arc will be 150 chapters or thereabouts.


Act 1: Chapter 909 – 924.

Chapter 925 was the interlude between Acts 1 and 2 but also the start of Act 2.

Act 2: Chapter 925 – 955.

The Act 2 interlude was Chapter 956 and 957, but Act 3 doesn’t start until Chapter 958.

We can see that Oda ended the first two Acts on multiples of 15. He didn’t end Act 3 15 chapters later which would be 973, not 30 chapters later which would be 988, not 45 chapters later which would be 1003 nor 60 chapters later which would be 1018, so the next multiple he could end it on would be 75 chapters later which will be Chapter 1033.

Since Wano Arc is following a Kabuki play structure and the 3rd act is often the longest, it makes sense for Oda to end it at Chapter 1033 because any longer would just be dragging it out.


Act 3 will end on Chapter 1033.

I believe the ‘tragedy” will occur in either 1031 or 1032. Based on Youtuber Yuderon’s prediction, I’m leaning towards 1031.

Chapter 1034, 1035, and 1036 will be Act 3’s interlude. I’m basing this off the fact that Act 1’s interlude was one chapter and Act 2’s was two. During these chapters, we will probably learn what went down with the Shichibukai, what Blackbeard’s up to, or something involving Sabo and what happened at the Reverie.

Act 4 will begin at the end of Chapter 1036 or 1037 and be 15 chapters. Acts 4 and 5 are supposed to be short, so I don’t think this will last too long.

If I’m correct, Act 5 should start around Chapter 1051 or 1052. Either this will be the real final battle OR this will be the arc’s epilogue. If the former, I will give it another 15 chapters. If the latter, I will say about 5. So I predict Wano will end–or at the very least the fight with Kaido will be over–at around Chapter 1056 or 1066. That will be a total of 147 -157 chapters.

Theory by kazaam2244.