I have been thinking about recent events in the manga related to a location that “never exist”, and how that could all tie into what the Poneglyphs tell us about the Ancient Weapons and how it may give some information about Zunesha’s crime.

The Poneglyphs tell the history of the Void Century, and they were likely created and dispersed toward the end of the Void Century by the Kozuki clan to their allies. Some of what we know about what these Poneglyphs tell us may give some clues to what Zunesh’s crime was and how it may be related to Uranus.

With two of the Ancient Weapons, we saw a Poneglyph that directly pointed to their location. First, at the end of the Wano arc, we learned that Alabasta’s Poneglyph detailed the location of Pluton in Wano. The location of Poseidon was told by the Poneglyph in Shandora, pointing toward Fishman Island.

However, in Paradise, there was no mention of Uranus until Robin talks with King Neptune. Unlike the other two weapons, Uranus is not spoken of by the people of the world.

Pluton is relatively well known seeing as the likes of Crocodile and CP9 had some idea of what it could do. The legend of the mermaid princess controlling seakings is known by some inhabitants of Fishman Island, seeing how Vander Decken IX and Otohime were able to deduce that Shirahoshi had that ability when she was younger.

What’s also interesting here is that in the past Pluton’s blueprints, and the potential mermaid princess were both found very close to Mariejois. Outside of the conversation between Robin and Neptune, there was no mention of Uranus in the story.

With the events of Lulusia, the weapon that we see destroying the island could be Uranus. With no known mention of its location in any of the Poneglyphs found by the Straw Hats in Paradise, this may suggest that there was a betrayal and Uranus was confiscated by the Twenty Families that founded the World Government.

So, there is a possibility that Zunesha was used by a traitorous member of the D. Clan, or tricked by the Twenty Families, to deliver Uranus to the World Government, which leveled the playing field at the end of the Void Century. Eventually leading to the Ancient Kingdom losing, Joy Boy’s unfulfilled promise, and the ascension of the World Government to dominating the world.