As we know Law has been battling Blackbeard while the Straw Hats have been on Egghead. The question for me is where is this going?

There’s two people we know of currently captured by Blackbeard. Charlotte Pudding, a woman who can potentially read poneglyphs and Koby, a Marine and member of SWORD.

From what we know, we could tell Law doesn’t know about any of that. But Law could potentially save one of them. Law has a submarine. Which is a pretty perfect place to hide a former captive. Law can also use his ability to move people at will within his room.

All this to say I don’t think Law is going to beat Blackbeard but it’s pretty well set up that Blackbeard’s crew are going to get shit on at sea and Law could save Koby or Pudding when Blackbeard is distracted by say… the Marine Hero Garp attacking.

Blackbeard losing an advantage could be a big moment in this arc that might lead to him getting desperate and targetting Shanks or even the Straw Hats because as a historian he probably knows the significance of Robin as a person.

I think Blackbeard’s plan being just a step out of line makes him act out. For example, his plan was to take Boa’s fruit and Rayleigh showed up. He did an illogical thing and just grabbed Koby and left. Blackbeard is calculating but I don’t think he calculated pissing off Garp. Which I think is going to lead to him making a series of desperate power moves for the One Piece and eventually his downfall at the hands of Luffy.

Just an idea.

Winner of the Skirmish at sea: Trafalgar D. Water Law, escapes with a hostage.

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