What is Haki?

Haki simply put is the sensing, application, usage, and manipulation of Wills.

Haki has three basic forms that are known to us as of yet, those being Observation Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror’s Haki. I will be breaking down each, and every one of these into smaller parts, such as:

1- Incomplete/Broken Haki. This is when a character shows traits of a certain Haki, without being able to use it, either reliably, or to its fullest extent.

2- Basic Haki. This is the most common type of Haki that we see in the series.

3- Advanced/Mastered Haki. This is when certain characters have very strong variants of Haki, and are considered masters of it.

4- Awakened Haki. As with devil fruits having an awakening, it makes sense to me that Haki also has its own awakening, and this has only confirmed type in the series.

5- Miscellaneous/Fusion Haki*. This is for things that don’t necessarily fall into the other categories, or I believe are a fusion of Hakis, rather than an Awakened form of Haki.

Before we move on with Haki, I have to talk about the Rokushiki.

If you don’t remember, these are the six (seven) abilities of the CP9: Soru, Shigan, Tekkai, Kami-e, Rankyaku, Rokuogan, and Geppo. I do believe the various forms of Rokushiki were to an extent retconned, or overshadowed through the use of Haki, and Oda might not have thought of Haki at this point, but I will assume that the Rokushiki, or at least some of them are broken/incomplete types of Haki, or are the levels you go through before mastering the associated Haki, so I will talk about all of them here first.

Shigan offensive type Armament Haki.

Tekkai defensive type Armament Haki.

Rokuogan might be a primitive form of Ryuo-style Armament Haki. Seeing as it hurt luffy who’s a rubber-man, and it didn’t exhibit any slicing behavior.

The rest are either explain through super speed/applications of Super Speed (Soru) makes you move fast, from it you can use geppo by steping on the air so fast you can effectively fly, Rankyakue you slashing the air with your limbs so fast you create a type of concentrated air pressure that travels forward as an attack, similar to Zoro’s 1080 pound cannon.

Kami-e is the only outlier which just makes your body all weird, which might be an application of Tekkai in the complete opposite sense, of not strengthening your body, but rather making it very malleable.

Let’s start with the first type of Haki.

Observation Haki.

Observation Haki simply put, is the ability to perceive other people’s wills/auras.

1- Incomplete/Broken Observation Haki is when people sense something is wrong/dangerous with no apparent reason, sort of a gut feeling, such as your classic “who’s there, show yourself” or “this is giving me a bad feeling”. It’s merely an intuition that hasn’t been sharpened as of yet. I do remember seeing this in the series, but I don’t remember any specific points I can reference, so I apologize.

2- Basic Observation Haki is basically a 3D radar around yourself in which you can perceive other people’s locations (at the very least), and once you attune yourself to it better, you can perceive other people’s emotions, and strength. This is mainly visually shown by Fujitora who can basically see other people, and their emotions, despite being blind, as well as Coby in Marineford when he kept hearing the voices of those who were dying.

3- Advanced/Mastered Observation Haki (a.k.a Farsight). This is basically when your Observation Haki can have both extended range, and homing abilities, such as Usopp using Haki to snipe out Sugar from a very large distance in Dressrosa, when he made her pass out, and thus freeing the puppets.

4- Awakened Observation Haki (a.k.a Future Sight) is when you can see the future. I don’t think this is merely reading surface level thoughts such as you reading a person’s mind saying “I’m going to attack with my right hand now”, and thus you respond to that, simply because the ability to see the future is confirmed, with Shirley predicting the birth of Shirahoshi well over a decade in advance, as well as her maturing in another 15 years.

Armament Haki.

1- Incomplete/Broken Armament Haki or The Breath of All Things that Zoro demonstrated by strengthening his Iron Swords to slash steel vs Daz Bones (Mr. 1). As well as weakening his sword to not being able to slice through tree leaves.

2- Basic Armament Haki is the form we’re all used to, such as coating your arms/legs/weapons to increase your damage, defense, and allow you to attack Logias. Since Haki is an application of will, this type of Haki allows you attack Logias, because you’re attacking their will/aura/true self, rather than their elemental body.

Note: Now it’s unsure if hitting logia requires you to coat your arms in Haki or of the coating/black colour is a retcon. Previously we’ve seen Garp hit luffy without coating, and this damaged Luffy back in Water 7. This isn’t a comedy sketch such as when Nami hits luffy, and when Sanji hits luffy as a gag, because it was specifically stated by luffy that this hurts, and Sanji (I think) was shocked, saying wasn’t luffy a rubber-man, so why do blunt forces hit, and garp retorted saying there’s no defense against a fist of love. Usually during these comedy sketches, no comments are made as to why luffy is hurt through physical means. So either coating is mandatory to hurt Logia now, or it’s simply used to boost your attack/defense.

3- Advanced/Mastered Armament Haki is very complicated due to the previous note. I chose to put hitting logia/coating in the previous category, but feel free to switch around these categories as you see fit. So let’s go with Mastered Armament being full body coating, and Advanced Armament Haki is Ryuo. Now, Ryuo is simply the name that’s used for Armament Haki in Wano, but when I refer to it here, I’m referring to the internal flow attack of Armament Haki. Think of it like Jinbei hitting Luffy because he uses Fishman-Karate which uses the water INSIDE your body to attack you. Ryuo is similar in that it uses your own will to attack you, or rather disrupts your own will to deal damage to you.

4- Awakened Armament Haki. Unknown. It’s as of yet unknown what this type of Armament Haki is. You can choose to put Ryuo here, I choose to believe Awakening is something more awesome than Ryuo.

Conqueror’s Haki.

Conqueror’s Haki is the truest usage of Haki/Will.

1- Incomplete/Broken form of Conqueror’s Haki. There are two types here. One is Luffy’s subconscious usage of it during the Marineford arc, and in Amazon Lily. The other broken form is Zoro’s usage of it during Punk Hazard vs Monet. This was the first hint to me that Zoro might have conqueror’s but I chalked it up to her getting PTSD, rather than a broken form of Conqueror’s.

2- Basic Conqueror’s Haki is where your will literally fights, and conquers other people’s wills. Anyone with a weak will will pass out, and others will submit/retreat in fear from you. Such as Luffy, and Zoro’s usages of them in Fishman Island for Luffy/Zoro’s Daishinkan in the gambling (I think) store in Wano, and later on in Onigashima.

3- Advanced/Mastered Conqueror’s Haki is the one hinted at by Luffy/slightly used (I think) vs Kaido. You literally, and physically fully consciously control, your will to attack others/defend yourself. Not in a random/weakened aoe version around you, but rather as a type of Armament Haki to directly apply it in your attacks.

4- Awakened Conqueror’s Haki. This is the biggest part of this theory. The rest are merely facts given categories by me, but this is where the theory part kicks in.

Awakened Conqueror’s Haki is where you exert your will on the world itself, and force it to submit.

I always thought that Dragon had the Storm-Storm fruit, and he’s the one that saved luffy, until my friend pointed otherwise. I couldn’t find any proof that Dragon had a devil fruit, so…Who saved Luffy? It was Luffy himself, forcing his will to survive on the world, bending it to strike down lightning, and save him. Other instances of this happening are Roger Pirates vs Golden Lion Pirates in the Edd War. Are we to believe that a freak accident storm occurred that tipped the scales in favor of the single Oro Jackson vs the Golden Lion fleet?

I believe it was Roger, bending the world to his will, and calling down storms. In Onigashima when Kaido, and Big Mom clash in Chapter 951, and 952 we can see a before, and during of the Island, and the waves are much more rowdy during their clash than before, so their clash caused the storm/weather be affected. We can also see the sky being split apart, similar to how when Shanks, and whitebeard clashed. Same thing when any two conqueror’s clash, we see lightning/electricity/something in their immediate vicinity. This tells me that the clash of two conqueror’s is similar to the Awakened version of Conqueror’s Haki. Literally, and Physically changing the world.

Conqueror’s Haki, and Armament Haki mix.

This was already proven in the Kaido vs Luffy fight, where Luffy noted that he needs to use Conqueror’s Haki with his armament haki, to truly hurt, and beat Kaido. I believe this is him exerting his Conqueror’s will upon his Ryuo Haki, and making it attack Kaido from within.

This once Luffy masters will make him insanely powerful, and I believe leagues above Katakuri. Because it doesn’t matter how strong your walls are, if you can just walk through them. No single person can survive a full attack from this, unless they themselves have conqueror’s Haki to defend against it, because it disrupts their entire will/body/aura from within, and forces it into submission.

Conqueror’s Haki, and Observation Haki mix. a.k.a Voice of All things.

I believe the Voice of All things, is either an Awakened form of Observation Haki, or a mix of Conqueror’s, and Observation Haki, so I chose to put it here instead. Who were the people capable of using the voice of all things? Luffy, Momonosuke, Oden, and Roger. (We’ll get to the three-eyed tribe). All of these people are conqueror’s. Yes, we’ll get to it, I know you’re mad because Momonosuke is there, hold on.

Roger is obvious, because he is the King of the Pirates, and is a D.

Luffy, similar to Roger, has all three types of Haki, and the will of D. (we’ll get to it).

Oden we assume had observation haki due to not being ambushed by Raizo, and others, as well as being a conqueror who forced all the ragtag mob of the wild to come together, and bow down to Oden as their ruler, and we all know he was a very sturdy hard-headed man.

Momonosuke I believe inherited his will from Oden. Some of you might see him as a useless coward, and borderline gag character, or at least what most of us thought of him in the start. The young, coward, inexperienced kid with his stupid comedy gag character samurai “father”. (At least I think that’s what Kin’emon was referred to as in Punk Hazard). I see Momonosuke as a brave kid that’s been through some tough stuff.

First of all he was born on board the Moby Dick. Been through many places with his father as a damn infant, went back to Wano, witnessed everything that’s happened to his father, from the humiliation, all the way to the execution/betrayal of Oden, the death of his mother, and being flung into the future, in a country where your clan is deemed as a traitorous failure clan, and then was kidnapped by a mad scientist who experiments on children, had his retainer captured by said mad scientist, the other people he trusts scattered into the world, and through all of that, he’s constantly training with his sword, wanting to be a brave, and powerful Shogun for his people. (When he’s not being a perv). He was captured by Kaido, and given a chance to live for god’s sakes, when Kaido told him, if you’re not Oden’s son, I’ll let you go, and despite all of that, despite the internal monologue of Momonosuke being scared out of his mind, he bravely screams that he is the son of Kozuki Oden, the future Shogun of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke. Knowing full well he would’ve been executed for it, he chose to hold his head high, and declare himself the king of Wano.

If that’s not guts, and a strong will, I don’t know what is, because the overwhelming majority of characters in the One Piece universe would rather lie to live. Even if they’re not cowards, they’d rather live to fight another day. Not Momonosuke, he’d rather die than live a coward. All while being 8 god damn years old. Luffy was 7 when he met Shanks. Similar childhoods, and strength of will, where Luffy went to fight the Bandits for Shanks’ honor.

Now as to why Momonosuke can command Zunisha where Luffy didn’t think he can? (Chapter 821) I don’t know. Maybe Luffy could, maybe Zunisha’s sin, and subsequent exile was forced upon her by the ancestors of the Kozuki clan, and she will only respond to a descendant of the Kozuki clan, which I believe to make the most amount of sense. Or maybe it wasn’t the Kozuki descendant she wanted to order her, but rather anyone with a will strong enough to overcome her own will, and force her to do something against her orders, and maybe even Luffy could’ve done the same, because he said “I think your voice will reach it” rather than saying “Only you can talk to it”.

Note: Voice of All things so far has been shown (with the exception of Momonosuke) as the ability to HEAR everything, or hear the wills of all living, and even inanimate objects (such as Noah), though I believe the lack of speech or command over such wills is a form of Incomplete/Broken Voice of All Things.

Theory by Nawaf-Ar (REDDIT)