Hey guys! The leaks for the SBS Volume 99 are upon us, so now I will be sharing them with you in this post. If I miss something or that the info isn’t correct, feel free to contact me.

Leaks from Scotch Informer, 4chan.

A question asking if Kaido eats the skin when he eats fishes:

Oda said he’s the type that would say skin is the best part, and conversion would like this: “Hey…is this fish’s skin edible?”
“Yes! I’ve cleaned the scales for you!”

Yasuie is not Otoko’s biological father:

Otoko doesn’t know that her biological father is not Yasuie. Yasuie was married once, but had no children. His wife died, and he was left alone. After that, he fought against Kaido and lost, and found a child in Ebisu Town whose parent were murdered. And he decided to adopt her.

Jinbe’s trivia:

Least Favorite Food – Parfait (Cause it’s difficult to eat).
Color and Number – Ocher, 10.
Family Role – Father (At first, it is Franky).
Smell – Smell of the Sea.
Prefecture – Kagoshima.
Nationality – India.
Animal – Bear.
Cooking Specialty – Bonito Tataki.
Sleeping Pattern – Awakes at 9 AM and sleeps at 3 AM.
Inner Brain (Clockwise) – Oni, Water, Fist.
Profession if not a pirate: Station Attendant.
Ice – Swallowing Type.
Favorite Season – Fall on a summer island.
Suited Flower – Peony.

Yamato, Kid, Sabo’s brother:

Kid’s devil fruit is “Jiki Jiki no Mi”, which is the power of magnets. Oda will explain his power in future Chapters.
A reader wants Sabo’s brother on the empty throne. But Oda said he didn’t want that.
Oda jokingly complains that he has received a lot of postcards about Yamato’s sideboobs.
Yamato’s height is 2.63m, age 28, favorite food is Oden and an entire Raw Salmon.

Artificial Devil Fruit – Smiles:

Question: Odacchi, Chapter 978 has a headliner with a giraffe ability shouting “FUNK” at the live floor. The same ability as Kaku or Hamlet. Does this mean SMILEs can repeat the same ability? And they can overlap with the natural devil fruit abilities?

Oda: Yes, this one. While SMILE is called “artificial devil fruit”, it is in fact it is completely different from “devil fruit”.
Briefly speaking : Punk Hazard’s “SAD” is a liquid that mixes the lineage factors of various animals. Dressrosa’s “SMILE” factory allows plants to absorb SAD, and grow up with peculiar patterns. One tenth of the fruit imported to Wano Country can give animal abilities. That is to say, it has nothing to do with the genuine “devil fruit”.
Therefore, the animal abilities given to the giver will be repeated, and the lineage factor can only be extracted from the existing creatures, so any “mythical zoan”, “logia” or “paramecia” abilities cannot be produced. This is the limit of the scientist Caesar. However, the research done by the genius scientist Vegapunk has surpassed the bottleneck in this field. It seems that there is no impossible in his dictionary.

Oden’s topknot:

Question: What kind of hairstyle is Oden’s topknot? “The hairstyle that just fits Wano’s pillows”?

Oda: It’s probably the opposite of hair that fits Wano’s pillows. It’s a really interesting part of Japanese culture. Do you know about the pillows back when everyone used to tie their hair? Because everyone had top knots, they used this kind of pillow. My grandmother used to use one. This was my original vision for his head. From the top, konnyaku, egg, ganmodoki (fried tofu), but only the ganmodoki was left in the end! In other words, it’s the “Inokori ganmodoki dokidoki dokutoku mage” (“overtime exciting peculiar ganmodoki hairstyle”, but note the wordplay).