As you all know, the leaks for the SBS for Volume 98 are upon us, so we will be using this post to share everything we know with you.

Now, If we miss something or that the info isn’t correct, feel free to send us a PM. If you also have better translation, then don’t hesitate to share them or PM us.

Kaido’s Devil Fruit:

Kaido’s Devil Fruit is the Fish-Fish-Fruit Mythical Zoan Model “Azure Dragon”.

Gear 5:

Q: Will there be a Gear 5?

Oda: A gear 5!? The enemy Luffy is fighting the strongest man in the world this time! And the world? That’s moving on from 4G to 5G!! The G stands for Gear, right?

Horns for Beast Pirates:

– Horns (on beast pirates) are just fashion.
– Yamato was born on November 3.
– The name of Kozuki Sukiyaki assistant is Panzaburo.

Commanders of Beasts Pirates:

R: Commanders of Kaido’s crew all have names based off a card or card game huh?

O: That’s right, the 3 lead performers are obvious, all the Tobi Roppo, Numbers, and headliners, excluding Drake, Apoo, and Hawkins who came from elsewhere, are either named after card games or cards like KQJ and 1-10. If I listed all of them here I’ll be out of space. There are probably plenty of them who you feel like you have never heard of, there’re all kinds of ways to play cards in the world. By the way, in Dressrosa Doflamingo was called “Joker”, that’s leftover of early Doflamingo, who was designed to be fought in Wano as Kaido’s strong ally. It’s great that such a troublesome enemy is already dealt with in Dressrosa!

Devil Fruits for Straw Hat Pirates:

R: If Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji and Franky were to become ability users, what do you think their fruit would be?

O: I see, an interesting question. Hmmm I would want to see…

Zoro(fish fish fruit mythical type seiryu model): how about the katana becoming a dragon instead of Zoro, I think it’ll be unbelievably cool.

Nami(goro goro fruit): the weather sis, I feel like she’s gonna become the strongest(excluding Luffy).

Usopp(pocket pocket fruit): the best pocket for Usopp who likes to prepare.

Sanji(sui sui fruit): He can goes through walls and swim in the ground, if Sanji has this ability something bad’s gonna happen.

Franky(weapon weapon fruit): for Franky there’s no better ability than this.

Izo and Kiku:

D: Odacchi!! I have a question! In chapter 962 “Daimyo and Vassals”, young Izo had a katana and Kiku had a gun, now it’s the complete opposite! Is there any meanings behind that?

O: Kiku is just holding Izo’s gun. I’m impressed you see all that in such a small panel.
Those two who have a criminal for father, suffered as entertainers from orders by cruel adults, and lived together in poverty. One of such entertaining skills is shooting, Izo is extremely good at it and never misses, but he’s not so confident about katanas. Time went by and on Whitebeard’s ship, when he was shooting for entertainment, he was told “protect with what you’re good at!!” by Vista of the Flower Swords.
Why should a samurai, who’s main objective is to protect their lord, sticks to katanas that they’re bad at? Samurai is the way you lives. Like that, Izo abandon the katana and holds gun in his hands.

About Sanji:

R :Oda!! In Chapter 977, I can spy Sanji in the background biting his handkerchief and crying right after Nami hugged Jinbe!

Oda : That’s awesome. Great job noticing that. I had to cut that picture off due to the layout, so you normally have to use you imagination for half of it. Here’s the full image of him. Sanji is quite hidden. You’re incredible!