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Volume 94 is titled “The Warriors’ Dreams”.

Page 24

Reader: Oda sensei, I have an important report for you. On page 23 of vol 87, Sanji kicked Big Mom, right? Where did Sanji, who won’t kick women, go?

Oda: Okay. I received a couple other letters regarding this, but that’s not what happened! Big Mom attempted to punch Reiju, and Luffy and Sanji stopped her. That’s what happened here in this scene. However, can you stopped Big Mom’s punch by merely catching it? No, you can’t!! So in order to cancel out the power of her punch, he blocked it with his kick!! Which means he’s just protecting themselves, it’s not a violent action toward a woman! So, Sanji didn’t violate his policy!

Page 60

Reader: The names for admirals follow the format of “color+animal”, right. So I thought there’s a organization in the Marine Headquarter, where they’ll discuss and decide the name for each admiral. Could it be that the head of that organization is Vice Admiral Nazuketagari, who has a hobby of doing fortune telling based on names? That must be it, right…?!

Oda: That’s right!! I’m impressed that you know about it. And not just the admirals, he named every member of the Marine who has a epithet!!

Reader: For Chapter 943, it’s so touching!!! Izo?! The commander of the 16th division of Whitebeard Pirates, Izo, was one of the Nine Scabbards? Was Kouzuki Oden the commander of the 16th division?

Oda: Oh… You guys noticed another small detail. Young Kin’emon and the others in the flashback scene. If you count them no doubt there’re 9 people. Huh? thought it was Okiku…but the person feels a little different. By the way, “Izo” is one of the commanders that appeared in the Summit War arc. It’s true that they look similar since Izo also wore a kimono. And in vol 82 chapter 820, it did said that some people from “Wano Country” joined Whitebeard’s ship. One day the answer to this question will be revealed, so just continue reading. You’ll notice it, right!

Page 78

Reader: Is it a coincidence that Kin’emon’s wife, Otsuru, and Tsuru from the Marine share the same name?

Oda: Oh you’re right, they have the same name. However, do you guys know about “NANA”, that Shojo manga? In that manga, the two main female protagonists are both named “Nana”! They have the same name!! Even though it’s a famous manga!! So, it’s not really a bad thing, is it? If one day they met each other, their conversation would go like this: “I’m also called Tsuru, Tsuru-chan.”

Page 134


Reader: Oda-san! I have a question!! On Page 67 of Volume 90, the girl who collapsed onto Bello Betty was wearing a skirt that looked very similar to Moda from the cover story of Chapter 278 [Ace’s Great Search for Blackbeard]. Is that girl Moda?

Oda : Yes. Absolutely correct. Well spotted. When Ace was there, the Lulusia Kingdom was still a peaceful place. However, the current king, King Seki, is a cruel leader and so his people suffer under his rule. After the Revolutionary Army bestowed courage upon the people, Moda and everybody else are continuing to do their best

Reader: Oda sensei, do you still read all the postcards and letters yourself?

Oda: I read all of them! Of course I do! And I never dispose them over the course of 22 years (laugh). Because there’re way too many of them, I can’t store them in my house, so I borrowed a room, and all the letters that I’ve finished reading will be sent to that room. There’re so much of them that one day the floor might fall off! Thank you!! Those letters contain you guys’ feelings in them, so I won’t throw them away.

Page 172

Reader: How the strawhat would call Osoba Mask :

Oda: Luffy – Black! Mask ! Mane
Zoro – Dumbass
Nami – Cape
Usopp – Lightning Sky Kaiser
Robin – Ominous mask
Chopper – Go Sanji
Franky – Black Rolling Destroyer

Page 190

Reader: Odacchi! I noticed something! Didn’t Mr. Hyogoro also has flame-like hair like the “Koma-dog” and “Koma-deer” does…which means he’s a “Koma-human”, right!!!

Oda: Ah! Is that so…! Okay, he’s a Koma-human then.

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