Volume 106 is titled “A Genius’s Dream”. The cover features the Straw Hat Pirates in their Egghead Arc outfits. They fly through the Fabriophase, with Luffy in front, pointing his fist forward and towards the viewer. The Labophase is visible in the sky behind and above them.

Leaked Information

Oda reveals that Aramaki’s past must be very sad to have such a tattoo under his chest… “Shinagawa Shinju” or the suicide of the Shinagawa lovers is the title of a Rakugo play in which a ruined, over-aged prostitute wishes to commit suicide. Having convinced a young man to leave with her by jumping off a bridge, the man refuses at the last moment, but she pushes him.

Oda reveals the justice of Ryokugyu and Fujitora :
– Aramaki: Deadly/determined Justice.
– Issho: Honorable Justice.

Question : About Greenbull, he said back in chapter 905 that he hasn’t eaten in 3 years because it’s a pain in the butt, which means because he’s the forest he’s capable of photosynthesis. As long as he gets nutrients he doesn’t have to eat! Is that right?

Oda : Absolutely

Question : In volume 105 chapter 1061 we saw the G-14 base. If we look closely enough we can see sound round balloon-like objects, are those balloons? Did someone playfully attached them to the base?

Oda : Yes they’re balloons. The G-14 branch is close to Egghead, so the children who were victims of what happened in the Punk Hazard arc(volume 67) are staying at the base for medicines after being checked by Vegapunk. A marine base is a rough place, so in order to make the children feel safer even if just a little, vice admiral Doll gave an order to attach some balloons.

Question : Odacchi!! Please give us a ranking of who’s the best drinker among the Strawhats, I know it’s been said that Zoro and Nami both can drink a lot, but what about the others?

Oda : 1, Jinbe 2, Zoro 3, Nami 4, Franky 5, Sanji 6, Robin 7, Brook 8, Usopp 9, Luffy 10, Chopper. This ranking was a little tough to make. Like to drink and being able to drink a lot is a whole different matter, everyone drinks with a different attitude towards it. I do believe Luffy has potential, but you know it’s food first for him.

Question: Between Shanks and Beckman, who’s more popular with girls?

Oda: Shanks is probably more popular, but Beckman flirts more. After all Beckman loves women.

Question: Hello Oda sensei! Starting with Rob Lucci, some CP9 members were promoted to CP0, but does that include Jabra, Fukurou and Kumadori?

Oda: If you watched film red you’ll see that Blueno and Kalifa have both appeared as Cp0 agents. Yes, all former cp9 agents were promoted to cp0. But within cp0 there’s a group of people with masks(including Lucci, Kaku, Stussy), they’re called the Masked Assassins and are given more special missions.

Question: if someone is petrified by Loli Hancock’s Melo Melo Mellow, will they be treated as a lolicon afterwards? They won’t, right? Please tell me they won’t!!!

Oda: Her power is taking advantage of people thinking “how cute”, “beautiful”, and so they let down their guard emotionally. We all look at little babies and kids and consider them cute, right? And that’s enough to get yourself petrified. Even if there’s a true lolicon among the ones being petrified, one can’t determine what kind of emotion led them to that state. So don’t worry your lolicon identity has not been revealed, now be petrified!

Queston: I have a question about Law’s attack “K Room”, is the K the K of Kaskusei(awakening) or is it the K of Kikoku?

Oda: talking about Law’s attack right. Room is basically the power to create a surgery room and you can do whatever you want within it. K Room is to enclose his knife within the Room. The user can do whatever his heart desires within the room, so he can stretch the sword, or attack by creating a strong shockwave. To summarize, K is the K of knife.

Another one of his techniques, R Room, the R is the r of ri(departure, distance). It’s a room that’s away from the creator. Before, Law as the main doctor has to be inside the surgery room, but with awakening of the Ope Ope fruit that’s no longer necessary. It’s okay to just feel the gist of it if it all sounds too complicated lol.

About Sentomaru’s past

Oda : The marines received a report saying that wild bears are attacking human villages on a certain island, and Vegapunk accompanied them to set up a system to fight bears. When the marines were investigating the dangerous mountain, they came across a boy who defeated all the bears with sumo and reign as the boss of the mountain, and that was Sentomaru. He was a boy who was abandoned by villagers due to his violent behaviors when he was younger. Intrigued by the strength of this boy who didn’t return to the village and is always hungry, Vegapunk hired him as his bodyguard.