Kid and his right-hand man, Killer, are two Supernovas of the Worst Generation and the most powerful pirate rookies in the One Piece world. Recently, the Kid Pirates allied with the Strawhats and many other groups to attack Onigashima and overthrow Kaido, Big Mom, and their subordinates.

Despite Kid Pirates having an important role in the plot of One Piece, fans didn’t really know much about how this crew was formed. However, according to some leaks, it seems that One Piece author Eiichiro Oda decided to disclose this information in the SBS of the 104th volume of the series.

The full backstory of the Kid Pirates

According to the first leaks of One Piece volume 104 SBS, Eiichiro Oda was asked by a reader why Kid and Killer decided to become pirates and why Heat and Wire joined them. This question induced the One Piece author to disclose the Kid Pirates’ backstory.

Kid, Killer, Heat, and Wire were born in a certain island in the South Blue unaffiliated with the World Government, which was ruled by a criminal gang that acted as its royalty. The island was subdivided into four districts, which each had its own local criminal gang, each led by the four aforementioned characters, with conflicts arising on a daily basis.

In spite of that, Kid and Killer had been childhood friends since they were young. At some point Kid and Killer became close friends with a girl called Victoria S. (Shirton) Doruyanaika, who became their first crush for the both of them. This character was previously mentioned and talked about in the Volumes 87 and 98 SBS.

However, one day Victoria was killed by the gang ruling the country. This drove Kid so mad that he united the four gangs from the four districts, and led a coup d’état alongside Killer, Heat, and Wire to take down the criminal gang from power, overthrowing the current rule.

After that event, Kid told the others that he “didn’t want to live in such a confined world”, so he formed a pirate crew with the four of them and set out the sea, naming their ship the “Victoria Punk” in Victoria’s memory.