Howdy One Piece fans! We all love the mystery fruit the 5 elders are talking about, and here is another theory but from a new perspective.

I like to think that the 5 elders are not talking with the World government ships directly, but they are in direct contact with CP0. The 5 elders just found out that a giant fire-demon was created and is even phasing trough walls/floors. Here is why I think this is the case:

Kanjuro is dead or will be dead very soon. This means if the fruit the 5 elders are talking about is Kanjuro’s fruit, it will be obtainable for anyone soon. Story-wise this is exciting.

The fruit’s name is called the Brush-Brush fruit. Which made sense before because the drawings who are created become alive but are vulnerable to water. However, Kanjuro created a bird which was water-resistant. Now he created a giant fire-demon?

The whole ink-weakness is gone and that means: Kanjuro’s Devil Fruit is not limited by the properties of ink but rather the limit of its user’s imagination. Which is crazy powerful. I mean… Why would a Brush-Brush fruit be able to create a fire-demon? I like to believe that Kanjuro’s fruit is a so called “God-Fruit” because it allows its user to be a God like being: Creating life.

Usopp already has the God-title and with a lot of Straw Hats gaining/showing upgrades right now (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami etc), our boy Usopp needs to get one as well. I hope Usopp will eat the Brush-Brush fruit because it fits Usopp perfectly:

– “God” Usopp with the God power.

– World government fears Usopp to this level is hilarious.

– Usopp is highly creative and can draw very well.

– He stays just a human but has the power to turn any lie into reality (creating real 10-ton hammers).

– He already used this devil fruit powers before during an attack to defeat Sugar.

Theory by smilingtreehouse (