So I’ve always had this kind of far fetched theory regarding Usopp and his lineage. The theory involves 3 concepts from real life which I think may be the foundation of Usopp’s hidden strength and lineage. The concepts are as follows:

– The first is the story of Pinocchio and the “curse” that was placed upon him.

– The second is Thor, and his battle with the giants as well as Loki.

– The third is the prophecy of Ragnarok.

Usopp’s character design clearly draws inspiration from Pinocchio’s trademark long pointy nose, but there is another character that also has this design, Usopp’s mother Banchina. A character we barely get to see, since she is sick and bedridden until her death. At the time of her death Yasopp was off sailing with Shanks but Banchina never doubted Yasopp’s intentions or his nobility. Why would Banchina not resent Yasopp for leaving her to become a pirate?

Raising a child, near 20 years, and with an illness that eventually lead to her death. Why would Usopp not resent his father after all of that? The theory goes as follows; Usopp’s mother, and subsequently Usopp himself, are cursed. A curse which Yasopp has sailed the seas for years to try and break but has been unable to.

To understand the curse placed on Banchina first we have to understand some of the prophecy of Ragnarok. The short version of the prophecy is that it was made by a Giant, and talks about the end/rebirth of the world in which Odin and Thor are both killed. There are many parts to her prophecy but the main cause of all of it is Loki the god of mischief, a half Giant. I believe there will be a very similar prophecy made by a Giant in One Piece, a prophecy which states that a Half Giant will cause Ragnarok.

Due to this prophecy Giants have basically completely isolated themselves from the world, but there are still quite a few giants outside of Elbaf how could this be? Would the elders of Elbaf risk a giant leaving and having a child with a non giant?

Maybe the answer is a lot simpler than it seems. Giants are to remain on Elbaf, the price to leave would be to never reproduce. They may even have them drink something to make them infertile before they are allowed to leave/banished. Banchina however ignored the prophecy and got with Yasopp anyway, while she lied to giants about it.

The giants found out and cursed her to normal size, banishing her from Elbaf, a curse which eventually killed her. They believed since she was no longer a giant there was no way she could have a half-giant child. The curse made her nose grow to punish Banchina and anyone who loves her but Yasopp did so anyway. They hoped the curse wouldn’t be passed on to their child but upon seeing that Usopp too had the trademark long nose of the curse Yasopp left with Shanks to try and cure it.

How would this curse come about? I believe the easy answer is a devil fruit. A devil fruit that can manipulate someone’s lineage factor would probably be able to stop someone from reproducing, and also able to alter a Giants lineage factor to that of another species. What would happen if someone were to “lock” a giant’s lineage factor and replace it with that of a Tontatta? Would a giant suddenly grow a long nose and turn the size of a regular human?

That is what I believe happened to Banchina, and that the owner of this fruit that cursed both Usopp and Banchina is somewhere on Elbaf.

Theory by Im Kid (