We know that Wano arc ended in chapter 1057, Luffy and his crew left Wano while Yamato decided to stay there. Before leaving, Luffy gave Momonosuke his flag, this means Wano is under his protection. This made me realize a pattern that might be building up.

First, Luffy entered the New World by first visiting Fishman island, and after yelling at Big Mom about candies, he took the island under his protection.

Leaving the island, they came across Punk Hazard where they meet Kinemon and Momonosuke, 2 character very, very closely tied to the island and story arc that just ended. Luffy goes onto Wano, yells at Kaido, beats Kaido, and in the same way as in Fishman island, he not directly declared Wano under his protection.

So, I’ll be asking you lot, what is something similar between Fishman Island and Wano country? Guessed it yet? Here I come.

Ancient Weapons

Poseidon in Fishman Island and Pluton in Wano. Luffy unconsciously made both these weapons his, even after saying he doesn’t want them. Thinking a little deeper into this, I was thinking about Uranus, the only ancient weapon we do not know anything about.

What if Uranus will be in the next island Luffy will take under his protection? Maybe Elbaf or Laugh Tale? Maybe another place which doesn’t have any ties or not very good ties with the World government, just like Fishman and Wano?

Theory by lorenco_06 (https://www.reddit.com/user/lorenco_06)