Luffy is JoyBoy. Out of all the characters we have seen in the series, I believe he was the only candidate, post or pre Nika fruit. But Luffy, is not a god. He is a warrior, a warrior who saves and protects the weak. To these people, he may seem like a god, but he is truly a liberator; saving Wano from Kaido’s iron clutch. Being a Liberator means you must carry the will of the people, giving them Joy.

Now look at two different things: Joy Boy, and Laugh Tale. Now I won’t be going into tinfoil hat theory crafting right now, but what if Joy Boy’s goal was true liberation of all people, like the Fishman, or the Giants, or even the people of Wano. Sadly, some sort of event with the ancient kingdom must have occurred, spiraling into chaos.

Whitebeard’s Speech

Whitebeard’s speech is what all of these 25 years have been leading up to. A final war that will fulfill Joy Boy’s will, a will to free the people, and stop the racial bias against those unlike themselves. The same blood flows through everyone, no matter who you are.

What the One Piece is, is a will. A will from Joy Boy to the future. Someone will yearn for true liberation of all and overthrow the evil World government. What Roger meant wasn’t that he wanted to live in the past, but he wanted to live in the time when Joy Boy’s will or ‘promise’ is completed. In the Fish-Man Island Arc, we see that Joy Boy sent a will to the first Mermaid Princess, and he was sorry that he couldn’t fulfill his promise.

The will of Joy Boy to Liberate. The dream of those who need liberation. And the flow of time through the ages. People hunger for freedom which someone like Joy Boy will give. Essentially, the story of One Piece is a story of a will. A will from 800 years ago, passed down to now. Finding the treasure, is not the One Piece, but the Final Piece, that will take down the oppressive government and give true liberation.

Now that we know all of this, what are the implications? What does this mean? Luffy and others, will go one a quest like no other, a quest so grand, so insane, that it will make Marineford look like a toddler fight. I mean think about it. The final war will be a battle all over the world, while Marineford was only in 1 place.

Finally, we are getting the key components set up for it. Sabo and the Revolutionary Army getting everyone hyped up all around the world, getting ready to fight the oppressive World government, and the general motions going on in the world with the warlord situation aren’t looking in favor for the Marines. The Final War Will Be Unimaginable! Comment your thoughts on this down below!

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