Who is the traitor, why are the Seraphim attacking Vegapunks? I believe there is a seventh satellite and it’s the traitor.

We know there is a traitor amongst the group now. According to Shaka, that traitor has to AT LEAST have Vegapunk status to control the Seraphim to attack. The only ones who are currently able to give such orders are the Satellites and the Stella.

The Gorosei are not on the island yet, and the Stella is a toddler and is occupied with Bonney. The traitor is narrowed down to be a Satellite. Unless something happened off screen, I don’t think it’s one of the satellites we know because all six of them are currently with a straw hat.

So instead, what if there was a secret satellite that went rogue long before we stepped onto egghead? That’s why Pythagoras told York they made a grave miscalculation: they failed to properly dispose of the rogue satellite.

I think this satellite may have been the predecessor of Lilith. She is the satellite that embodies Vegapunk’s “evil” side. And she seems relatively new, as she did not know about the Strawhat Pirates. I believe Lilith’s predecessor was actually evil, so they had to dispose them. They then recreated the evil satellite but tweaked it to be more caring. This is Lilith.

Of course, I could be completely wrong but it’s still an interesting idea to me. I like the mystery Oda is building.