With information from recent chapters, and when I was watching a random Tekking video, a thought had occurred to me. What if there are two families that bear the Will of D? Or rather, 2 D. families that have different wills. One that represents the Sun and another that represents the Moon. Now hear me out.

Within the same Act, the Sun God Nika and the Lunarians were mentioned.

Now let’s talk about the Sun. In One Piece, the Sun has often been used as a symbol for freedom and/or has been a symbol for many organizations. I’ll try to name as many of the references as possible. Nika was a Sun God who, in chapter 1018, was mentioned to be someone who slaves prayed to for relief from their suffering. He would bring laughter.

In Zou, Dogstorm represents the sun as he works using the day while his feline counterpart works during the night. The Kozuki Clan symbol is reminiscent of a sun (this might be a stretch, idk) with the bird in the middle. The Sun Pirates have a literal sun as their flag and it represents their liberation from enslavement by the Celestial Dragons. With the promise between Joyboy and Poseidon, the former promised the Mermaid Princess that he would take the Fishmen up to the surface to “live under the sun”.

In Fishman Island , the people get sunlight in a rather strange way with the Great Tree Eve’s roots providing sunlight (random question: where the hell is Eve anyway??). In Skypiea flashback, the woman is being sacrificed to a sun god (perhaps it’s Nika). Alabasta, the kingdom whose king declined to live in the Holy Land and is considered to to be traitors by the Five Elders, the kingdom that has the Pluton, also has a flag with a sun on it.

Now the moon. There are not as many references to the moon like there are to the sun but let’s give it a shot. The first that comes to my mind is Enel, a character with a God Complex that rivals Light Yagami’s, and even worse, the Celestial Dragons. With Ark Maxim, he fulfills his dream of going to see the moon and he surprisingly succeeds. Now when he makes it to the moon, he comes across Birka, an ancient city that held the Birkans.

Also, King’s race is called Lunarian, an ancient people that lived on the Red Line and are now basically extinct. The moon reference is obvious in this one. Now, the most important moon reference I want to point out is that of Blackbeard’s. It was revealed that Teach as a kid, never slept. Not only that, he would stay up all night looking up at the moon. This information was shown with Oda drawing a young Blackbeard staring at a crescent moon while crying. I’m sure there are other references but those are the ones that come to the top of my head.

Now here comes my theory. What if the Sun represents one will and the Moon represents another? One “family” of the D fought on one side of the war during the Void Century and the other betrayed or opposed, or had other plans. This can be seen through people like Blackbeard and Xebec who don’t inherit that spirit that so many people have seen in Luffy and Roger.

Xebec wanted to be king of the world and would leave destruction and death wherever he went while Roger uplifted communities that he visited on his voyage (just like Luffy). That’s why I always wondered why Blackbeard acts so different compared to every other D member, until we were introduced to Xebec. What if these two represent a side of the Will of D that isn’t so gracious, and only wants power, just like the Celestial Dragons and Enel?

I’m not too sure about the Lunarians but it’s said that they lived on the Red Line before the Holy Land was established and were considered “gods”. It seems the Celestial Dragons defeated the and took their land and called themselves “gods”. What if Xebec’s side of the Will of D represents the hunger for power and domination, which can be represented by the moon while Roger and Luffy’s side represent the hunger for freedom, represented by the sun.

Of course: I’m aware that there may be holes in this theory (as I can think of one or two) but I really wanted to get y’all’s opinion on it. What parts did you like? What parts didn’t your like? Is it all a horrid theory? Let me know down below with some constructive and polite criticism.

Theory by Tricky-Drawer4614 (https://www.reddit.com/user/Tricky-Drawer4614)