Hey guys, so chapter 1058 just released and it was an absolutely amazing chapter, we got the new strawhat bounties, cross guild backstory, and information about the revolutionaries!

To begin this theory, we will discuss Dragon’s possible plan that he has with Kuma from the new information we got in this chapter.

We can see near the final pages of the chapter that Dragon approaches Kuma and asks him exactly what he saw. Now, initially, one would think that this is only about Sabo and what he saw with the commanders. However, I don’t know if that is the case as:

Kuma along with the commanders split up from Sabo prior to what happened with Sabo and Cobra, therefore, if he wanted to know what happened when Kuma was there, he could already know that information from the commanders.

THEREFORE, I believe he is actually asking Kuma what he saw during his entire stay with the World government and the Celestial Dragons. Perhaps the entire plan with Kuma before he joined the seven Warlords was to infiltrate the World government and gather as much intel about them as possible in order to expose them.

Also, I believe Vegapunk works with the Revolutionary Army in secret. Dragon, Kuma and Vegapunk had an extremely top secret plan to infiltrate the World government to find out secrets. Dragon and Kuma were placing a serious gamble that he would be taken as a slave and be able to record insider events serving the Celestial Dragons. Plus the fact that Vegapunk managed to honor Kuma’s request to protect the Thousand Sunny, so I believe Vegapunk must be one of the Revolutionary Army members.

In fact, this chapter may have just told us the entire reason Kuma joined up with the World government in the first place! We might be getting a whole lot of info about the world government very soon!

Theory by Kikoco (https://www.reddit.com/user/Kikoco)