With Chapter of 1073 and the reveal of one of the Gorosei’s name after a decade or longer this really opened the floodgates.

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn and this name is very intentional. The first thing I want to direct everyone’s attention to is Ohara’s model of the solar system.

I think it’s very intentionally shown to be earth enlarged with 5 planets in orbit. These 5 planets to represent the Gorosei with a planet naming scheme. So going along with this we can hypothesize that Im will be some type of representation of Earth or Mother Nature.

And as Vegapunk explained in 1069 the natural enemy of devil fruits is Mother Nature or the sea itself. Going with this I just want to highlight how the Earth appears to overshadow the sun or we could say Im/ the government concealing the story of Sun god Nika/Luffy. So what can we expect?

Given the old Greek/Roman astrology the first 5 initial planets to be seen were as follows and we can expect the rest of the Gorosei to be named after these planets.

And what are we missing? Pluto (Pluton), Uranus, and Neptune (also known as Poseidon), otherwise known as the 3 ancient weapons. I think it’s also appropriate to point out the Blackbeard is often associated with the Moon or night. Not to mention SuperNovas are often capable of destroying planets.

Finally to conclude my little theory is the real kicker. The phenomenon of all eight planets aligning in an unusual configuration is given a name, otherwise known as a GRAND TRINE.

Theory by realbeatz23 (https://www.reddit.com/user/realbeatz23)