I think we will see an alliance between the Heart Pirates and Katakuri and here’s why:

Pudding has been kidnapped by Blackbeard and is currently on his ship attacking Law. It’s been a few chapters since we’ve gotten back to Law and Blackbeard fight but I do not believe it’s finished. First of all, Law isn’t going to be killed off screen and I don’t see why he would be captured.

I believe Law will be saved by the appearance of Katakuri and his family. It is possible Brulee was able to sneak onto the ship through a mirror. She will then report back to Katakuri who after the attack gathered his own ship and set off to get his sister back and has followed them to winner island.

With more people showing up Blackbeard will call it quits and leave saying he can try again later. But I don’t think Brulee can take Pudding back.

This is where Latakuri will meet Law. So how does Katakuri greet the man who was responsible for his mother’s downfall?

Big Mom is their biggest defence but she is also doing the most harm to them. We know several of Katakuri siblings have been chased away due to Big Mom’s wrath and many of her children do seem to despise her for her cruelty and nature.

Even Katakuri seemed pleased when Luffy got away and hopeful when he said he would come back and beat Big Mom. So I don’t know if he would hold a grudge against Law or Kid either.

I came across a video that explains Big Mom is actually inspired by Napoleon the french military leader her hat homie is even named after him.

Napoleon suffered 2 major defeats in Waterloo and Trafalgar.

Law’s full name is Trafalgar D. Water Law.

He was banished to the island of Elba elba = Elbaf.

Law has the Poneglyps but no translator and Pudding can awaken her 3rd eye, Katakuri wants to protect his family and take Pudding back. Katakuri will get word that Pudding is in Elbaf. The two will form an alliance and go to Elbaf.