In the last chapter, a part of King’s Mask was ripped off, and we could see a part of his face. King has a dark skin tone and a light colored hair, but this seems to be more than it appears.

I have seen lots of people talking/joking about King having curly eyebrows, but what if its race has other particularities (besides their wings)?! Like I said before, he has a dark skin tone. One Piece has many characters with dark skin like Mr. 1, Urouge, Blackbeard, etc, but King’s skin looks more unique.

I was thinking… What if he is red-skinned? That makes it more resistant to heat/fire. King is from a supposedly extinct race that inhabited the Red Line and could handle fire. The color red is frequently associated with fire and the Red Line part is self-explanatory, but there are more we should consider!

The World of One Piece is so huge. There are giants, dwarfs, people with extremely long arms/legs/necks, Fishmen, Minks and so on. It would not be so strange having a race with red skin, right?!

The fact that the Lunarians have wings and lived in the same place as the supposed “Holy Land” can give them an angelic theme. If we consider that their people have terminated from the Red Line by the hands of God (Celestial Dragons), we have a “fallen angel” theme. And who is the fallen angel who rules (as a king) the hell (constantly related to fire)!? Lucifer, popularly known as the Devil. The Devil is also a figure recurrently shown with red skin. Oda has already made other biblical references as well.

We can expand this theory with another old theory that says that King was the old chief warden of Impel Down (which is a hell-themed prison), so, by this logic, we got a “fallen angel” expelled from heaven by “God” now ruling “hell”.

Of course, maybe that wasn’t Oda’s exact thought, but I bet King is really a red guy, and that’s why his skin tone is different from any other character that appeared in the manga. Also, I guess his hair is white, as it would give him a more diabolical look.

Overall, King’s skin might have some strange characteristics, so he doesn’t want anyone to see his skin. That’s why he always wears a mask.