As we know, Devil Fruits were, supposedly, created by the Sea Devils, and whoever eats one get a supernatural ability, with a few general downsides. However, other than that rumor, we have no idea about where the fruits came from, what their purpose is, or even if they have a purpose. I now wish to speculate on the possible origin and purpose of the Devil Fruits, starting with:

Why Do Devil Fruits Want To Be Eaten?

Real life fruits have evolved in a way to get the attention of animals, so that they eat them, and help spread their seeds across a land. As such, you could say that real life fruits have the purpose of spreading seeds of their trees. Devil Fruits, however, don’t have seeds in them, only a hypothetical “devil” that enters the body of the users. This “devil” was only brought up once, in Chapter 385 of the manga, which goes as follows:

-Jabra: Idiot! Don’t you know!? If you possess those powers, it means a devil lives inside your body! For example, if I got close to that fruit, a devil would jump out of it… …and start fighting with the devil inside me, and my body would explode!! (Vizmedia physical release of Volume 40 in English)

Despite this being refuted by Blueno with scholar facts, that line about letting a devil lives inside you always stuck with me. As such, let’s assume for now that it’s true. In that case:

Why Do Devil Fruits Want To Spread These Devils?

Devil fruits are very adamant when it comes to be eaten. The moment a user dies, the devil immediately goes to the nearest fruits, and turns it into the same Devil Fruit. Why?
My personal guess is that, much like the Poneglyphs, there is something within those devils that must survive. Hell, perhaps the devils have something in common with the Poneglyphs:

Are These Devils Connected To The Ancient Kingdom?

I have zero proof for this claim, but an idea sprung to my mind:
-Shanks: They say that the Devil Fruit was enchanted by sea devils. (Vizmedia physical release of Volume 3 in English)
Despite it being mentioned only once, doesn’t that comment sound a bit too much like a legend? Not to mention, he specifically calls them sea “devils”, maybe implying them to be “evil”.

The World Government was more than willing to villainize Ohara as dangerous criminals, so I’m sure they would do the same for the fruits.

I know it doesn’t really make too much sense, but I wanted to express that idea and discuss it with others. If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comment section down below.

Theory by LogPoseToEarth