The location of the Ancient Kingdom is quite a debated theory in the One Piece community. Some suggest that it is in Skypiea and the other that it is Wano, so on and so forth. Due to the ever-expanding world, people always tend to have different opinions and Oda is a master in keeping everything in plain sight. So, to make a base off, I would like to theorize that MARIJOA WAS THE ANCIENT KINGDOM.

Sounds absurd right? But it’s not that absurd when you keep this in context and reread the story. First, let’s go to Professor Clover’s hypothesis on the void century. Professor Clover was ranting about his hypothesis on a set piece of information obtained from the Ohara Poneglyph.

The Gorosei, when hearing his theory on the void century did nothing until he told them about the existence of a Great Kingdom in the past? Why spare him alive when he could have just been killed when he started.


Now, the second major point is when Clover is about to reveal the name of the Ancient Kingdom. That’s when the Gorosei decided he was a threat and asked him to be eliminated. That presents another question. Would he have been actually required to that until towards the end of the speech?

What’s so important if an unknown name like Skypiea or Jaya was revealed to be the name of the Ancient Kingdom. People would not even recognize it but if the name which was very much relevant in the past 800-1000 years was revealed to be the ancient kingdom, then such a place could be MARIJOA, THE HOLY LAND OF GODS.

Just imagine the situation. If MARIJOA was revealed to be the name of the Kingdom people could connect so-and-so and would cause a major public freak out if that had happened.

I would like to make a bold assumption that Clover did not know the name of the Kingdom and had just connected so-and-so and wanted to know their reaction. That could have confirmed his doubts, but I think this is a bit unlikely. There are several other minor clues as well, like Doffy during Dressrosa.

Today’s World Government?

There was a World Government before this one. Another thing is that Poneglyphs were spread throughout the world. If the location was in a place like Shandora or Jaya, this would be impossible since the Red Line and the Grand Line together separated the world into four parts.

Another thing is a pattern I noticed. Minks- they can control electricity, and they were allies of the Ancient Kingdom. Fishmen- they control water, and they were allies of the Ancient Kingdom as well. A major element which is missing is fire. Lunarians control fire?

I think it is a safe assumption that they might have been allies or the Ancient Kingdom itself since the current World Government displaced the Lunarians from their original home. Also Nika, the fire god, would it be plausible that he could control fire and that’s why he was called Sun God.

Also, the very concept of Marijoa being at the center of the world.
A powerful Ancient Kingdom being at the centre of the world to dominate makes sense right. So, since I set up the base, I think it’s good to move forward now.


The Ancient Kingdom was powerful enough for the entire world’s most Powerful Kings, the 20 Kingdoms to come and band against them. That is the only info we know about Ancient Kingdom stated directly. We know Oda likes to influence real life places into One Piece like: Water 7- Venice, Dressrosa- Spain, Wano- Japan etc are all real life places.

Of course, the countries need to fulfill a few criteria which I set for determination.

They should have ancient, prosperous and powerful Kingdoms.

They need to have an ancient civilization in order for that kingdom to be powerful.

The area should have good resources otherwise them having power and wealth does not make sense.

Read your Social Science (directly links to above points). I came up to a unique solution and it was almost singular. There is a country in this world which has very great cultures and a very powerful Ancient Kingdom.



According to Hinduism, there are four Yugas, the Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvarapa Yuga and Kali Yuga are of importance where the Satya Yuga is called the age of heaven, while the Kali Yuga is called the age of darkness or evil which well corresponds to the current One Piece timeline of age of the sea circle, and the age of heaven.
Since Buddhism came from Hinduism, I think it’s not a far off reach that Oda could have very well dug into more about history.

The last 2 of them are quite important, the age of heaven and the age of the grand circle almost link perfectly with the cycle of Yugas.

It is said that a person will come and free the people starting the Satya Yuga again (kalki), corresponds well with the theme of Joyboy and Luffy.


But there were a lot with different languages which made it very hard to find the correct one, so I went through more research and I arrived on this conclusion.


Ashoka was the greatest Mauryan ruler who almost conquered the entire of India which was already a large empire before he ascended to the throne.

The capital of this mega empire of Magadha, RAJGIR was on a very high place which made it very difficult to conquer as the city is in a valley surrounded by seven hills: Vaibhara, Ratna, Saila, Sona, Udaya, Chhatha, and Vipula (parallels the red line a lot which also was a very tall place).

Now to the King, ASHOKA, who was the third in line to the great kingdom and after his rule, the power of the kingdom dissolved and it fell into ruins which also parallels the Ancient Kingdom’s downfall. He was a kind and just ruler, just like how Joyboy is depicted in One Piece. He also made Poneglyphs or relics which are 30 in number. During the Whole Cake Island arc, we were told that there are thirty Poneglyphs in the world of One Piece.

Also, the name ASHOKA in itself can serve as proof. ASHOK MEANS “without sorrow” in Sanskrit. ASHOKA MEANS THE MANS WHO DOES NOT SPREAD SORROW OR THE MAN WHO SPREADS JOY. Joyboy? I think this is still not the end. There is still more proof to it. Let me take you to the throne Imu sits on.

You see 2 lions on the side of the throne as arm resters. And this is ASHOKA’S emblem.

There’s a reason on why Ashoka is such an important figure and King in Ancient India. But before delving a bit into the speculative area, I had a question: Why is the red line red? There has to be a reason right. I believe that this is a reason why the red line is man made.

We know Oda does a lot of research when writing about anything in One Piece from characters, islands and even whole plots. Thus, I would present you with the question. Why do you think is the red line red? Okay, the reddish colour is due to the diffusion of iron in crystalline metamorphic rocks in it. for those who don’t know Metamorphic rocks form when rocks are subjected to high heat, high pressure, hot mineral-rich fluids and even compression.

Oda is a genius. This is a red metamorphic rock or boulder, anything. The Red Line could have been formed when various islands were banded into one single mega continent to act as a separating line and consolidate power in the hands of a few people.

The Red Line COULD have been based on the BERLIN WALL. You immediately see it. Physically as well as metaphorically the Berlin wall separated the country of Germany while the Red Line separates the One Piece world. And the Berlin wall was destroyed around the same time One Piece started, I mean in the same decade at 1991. Oda could have taken inspiration. Both separate their respective world and city both metaphorically and physically. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE RED LINE is a popular and a common theory which is support.

Back to the edicts (Poneglyphs).

The edicts describe in detail Ashoka’s view about Dharma, an earnest attempt to solve some of the problems that a complex society faced. This was why he created them in the first place, maybe that was the original purpose of the PONEGLYPHS during Ancient Kingdom’s time of rule, as Dharma is morals or even rules to follow, the reason for this was so that people do not need to memorize the laws but see and read them. Applying them to the Ancient Kingdom, it is quite possible that this was their purpose long back to serve as a medium to people to understand the laws.

You might as, but then why is it not there?

It could have been destroyed as they could have not been made indestructible. It is because it wasn’t necessary for them to make them indestructible. They weren’t there to preserve the history, but to follow the morals. So wouldn’t it be easier for the Ancient Kingdom to actually do what they were doing while making the Poneglyph’s than it suddenly coming into their minds that they need indestructible stones inscriptions for it to work.

I mean if it was a generally done practice done by them, it is easier for them to implement it the correct way.

Since the Shandians, Lunarians, Skypieans and Birkins were all from the moon and shared the same culture, wouldn’t it be easier for them to have the same language and knowledge of tabulating their teachings and documents.

JOYBOY is based on emperor ASHOKA.

What I believe as he implemented the practices of making relics and later converted to Buddhism after which he had done what no King has done in history, he gave up war, he gave up conquest because of loss of life in a particular war.

Which if this is true would explain why Ancient Kingdom lost despite having the ancient weapons and power as JOYBOY could very well have repented the war and loss of life (even though Luffy is Joyboy, when in need or when a lot of people near him die he will hate war and fights). Luffy will rise beyond Joyboy’s grief and fight for justice or freedom.


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