You’ve seen the panel from Skypiea a few times by now I’m sure. It mentions different gods: the Sun God, Land God, Rain God and Forest God.

If this was foreshadowing we know that Luffy’s awakened fruit makes him the Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi model Sun god.

We already know that Sengoku has a Mythical Hito Hito no Mi as well which is model Buddha. Which for the sake of the theory I’m going to label as the Land God. These two god fruits are fact whether Sengoku’s is the Land God or not.

The rest is just up to the theory and your opinion. We can’t directly connect the Buddha fruit to land, but if we go by the so called foreshadowing in Skypiea we must name at least another two god fruits, god of rain and god of the forest.

I’ll start with the god of rain which in theory I believe to be a two-parter. Originally, I just assumed that Dragon could have the god of rain devil fruit because of what happened in Loguetown. But when I looked up Japanese mythology, they have two gods, Raijin God of thunder and Fujin God of wind that are connected with each other.

Raijin God of thunder has similarities with Enel who was depicted as a god. They have the same drums on their backs and I remember there being talk that Enel’s devil fruit was awakened. Enel’s giant thunder form also is very similar to Sengoku’s giant Buddha form making me think this theory could be correct even more.

Fujin God of wind no doubt Monkey D. Dragon has this ability from what we saw at Loguetown almost makes this fact. Also, Dragon is the most wanted person in the world making him a very formidable foe no doubt he would have an incredible devil fruit power. Dragon sports the colour green which is also the colour that Fujin is always depicted in. So, that’s my two-parter for the god of rain.

The Forest God is a bit of a stretch for me. My reasoning isn’t as strong for this theory as it was for the rest. I see some people speculating that Green Bull is the Forest God. I want to lean more towards Im sama though because she has the highest authority almost regarded as a god. She’s obviously an antagonist of some kind and there is a scene that shows her in a room with lots of greenery and forest like features. This is my only reasoning for the Forest God, so it’s a bit of a stretch.

Also, I would like to add that Luffy’s Gear 4 Tank Man could be some what of a foreshadowing that Luffy’s gear five will get a giant adaptation like Enel and Sengoku. Let me know what you think.