Joyboy is seen as this enigmatic person in the One Piece world. What we know of them is that they were around a long time ago, and were opposed by what we can only figure is either the Celetial Dragons or the World Government.

We also know that there is this thing called the void century, and that the higher ups have altered history to their whims. We do Not know how many times this has been done. We also know nothing of the person we figure to be running everything, Imu.

My theory is that Imu somehow possesses a power that imposes order or law. Why does that directly correlates to what I believe Joyboy is, or rather their ability?

Imu and Joyboy are opposites as we can see them. Imu imposes law, and has some kind of power over the Gorosei. We have seen Imu near a giant straw hat that’s looks rather cold, dusty, and weathered. Justice, or law can be considered cold, rigid, and inflexible when in its absolute form. It can be brutal, and it’s controlling, and when left unchecked is capable of things like genocide, or buster calls, or indentured servitude and slaves.

Joyboy would be the opposite of this. Encouraging diversity, compassion, warmth, and flexibility. We see this in Joyboy, they are a very enigmatic, chaotic character from what we can see, and all of these things when left unchecked results in anarchy, and over indulgence, violence, and chaos. Joyboy inspires those that just know about them. Their legacy has carried on through the eons to the point there’s a symbolic resurrection in the use of an identical personal item. A straw hat that we are all too familiar with.

There has been discussions about devil fruits with hybrid style powers, I even think Liam of GrandLine Review mentioned them in a recent video. People like Sugar, or Katakuri to name a couple, but there are more. If this is the case and we use what we know with the most recent chapter and assume that Oda is faking us out with Zunesha, the fruit they are talking about could be the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

If it’s one of those hybrid fruits, this one that hasn’t been awakened in a long time, and considered just a myth could be the parallel to what ever power Imu has. By this Luffy has this almost supernatural ability to liberate people, and raise their spirits.

He somehow creates fire despite it being a “rubber” fruit, and chaos is often symbolized with fire. Rather than being rigid and unbending he is flexible and malleable. He is rowdy, unpredictable, and impulsive as opposed to the self control and structure that law and order has.

We have seen a few correlations drawn between Luffy and the Sun God Nika. If all this comes down to it and Luffy has this renames devil fruit that contained the power of the Sun God Nika, then the direct opposite of that would be (usually from a mythology stand point) the god of the moon, and who would have this power? Imu the one imposing laws over the seas, and washing away anything they wish. Kinda like the moon. If it has been this long since this renamed devil fruit has appeared then this would also mean the one who has been alive and knows about this fruit (we will assume Imu) would realize the shift in the scales of balance.

This would also give a reason as to why there was so much secrecy, and such a big deal about the Gomu Gomu no Mi, and another reason why Shanks would invest in Luffy as much as he did. Not only does he have Roger’s inherited will, but the inherited powers of Sun God Nika to bring about balance to the powers of the Moon God that have been in power and left unchecked for too long. The reason why it wasn’t time for them to meet yet at marineford wasn’t just because he knew how Luffy would feel, but because he knew that Luffy still hadn’t grasped the real power he has control of.

Now some might ask “if Shanks knew it was the Sun God Fruit why didn’t he eat it?”. I’m not too sure, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the line of D, and more lineage stuff. So he was waiting to give it to a member of the line of D.

Theory by ThunderCuddles (