Zunesha is a Naitamie-Norida elephant that wanders the New World and carries the island of Zou on its back. He lives for more than 1000 years, which makes him older than Gorosei (we will think that they live from an empty century) and that is why they consider him even for themselves a “legend”.

According to Miyagi from the manga, “Minks will someday have to leave Zunesha and move to another place. He also suggested that Zunesha might not just randomly walk on the ocean, but go to a certain place.” I think that Zunesha went to Wano all this time, but could not find it because Wano is a closed country, and it has become like that since the empty century.

It is very likely that everything was something like this: Zunesha lived in Wano in the past, Minks already lived on his back (this is information from the SBS – “When he was sentenced to walking, Minks ALREADY lived on his back”), then the war with the World Government, Zunesha committed a crime and was sentenced to forever wander in the sea in search of some place (Wano) – Wano became a closed country.

My guess is that Zunesha came to Wano because of the voice, the voice of All Things, the voice of Luffy, he was going to the landmark. For many centuries he could not find this place, his home, but thanks to Luffy, it happened. And now Zunesha will make a huge contribution to the discovery of Wano country with a geographical component. He will destroy all barriers in front of the borders of Wano, which will calm the currents of the sea.

I also believe that the Huge Sword, which on Onigashima was created specifically for Zunesha a thousand+ years ago by the blacksmiths of Wano (more on this later), because where else to create such a thing, and also Zunesha was something like a Deity for the inhabitants Wano in the past, as now the Mountain God (whose Boar was cut and tamed by Oden). Very symbolically, the Mountain God that was tamed by Oden and Zunesha, the Deity from the past that was tamed/tame by Momonosuke.

And yet, another storyline is also incredibly revealed, namely the line of Scabbards, who dreamed of fulfilling Oden’s desire – to open Wano. Half of the Scabbards went in search of allies and then found Zunesha and the most interesting thing is that the Scabbards were looking for Zoya, the Mink settlement, and found Zunesha, a huge elephant, from which they were surprised, from an elephant who dreamed of returning home to Wano. And then we see the contact between Momonosuke and Zunesha and see how this very elephant Zunesha comes to Wano to save his house.

Now a little about the head of the Ancient Demon Giant Onigashima. Don’t you think it’s very strange that we see the Giant Elephant Zunesha, the head of the Ancient Demon Giant Onigashima and the Giant Sword in one place? I believe that Zunesha in the past got the title of Wano’s Protector Deity/Deity after one event, namely, saving Wano from the Ancient Demon Giant, doesn’t it remind you of anything?

Everything is cyclical, everything repeats. I’ll add some more epic. In the 11th databook, information about Zunesha and Oars is released. Why are 2 characters revealed so far in chapters from each other in the same volume of the databook? And all because they have a connection.

Oars was considered a member of the Ancient Giant Race and died 500 years ago at the age of 159 and held the title of “Continent Pusher”. Now the most interesting. It was something like this: – Before the beginning of the empty century in Wano, there was an incredible battle of Zunesha against the ancestor of Oars, the Ancient Demon Giant (each descendant of the Ancient Giants is smaller than their ancestor, this is a corrupted information).

This battle was so massive that during the battle, Zunesha, armed with the Great Sword, which is on Onigashima, cut the lands of Wano into huge parts and thereby created the regions already known to us. Further in the battle, Zunesha cut off the head of the Ancient Demon Giant and the skull of Onigashima and there is the head of that same giant.

Everything is cyclical, everything repeats. Kaido is the descendant of that same Ancient Demon Giant, and that is why he states “I chose this place for a reason, this is a special place.” Kaido arrived in Wano at the behest of his fate, at the “Inherited will” of his ancestor. In the same way, Oars, at the behest of his same fate and the “same Inherited will” of his same ancestor, arrived in Wano, in the Ringo region and died of cold (proof cold infa) and it was there that Moria found his corpse, because Moria was in Wano and was in Ringo because he stole Shusui and Ryuma’s body, which were buried there.

A member of the Ancient Demon Giant race Kaido terrorizes Wano just like his ancestor who was beheaded by Zunesha. And what do we know about the dragon demon Kaido? To defeat him, you need to behead him. Not only will this be a reference to Ryuma’s chopping off the Dragon’s head, but it will also be a reference to Wano’s Ancient Events – chopping off the Demon’s head.

Theory by MikaHappy (https://www.reddit.com/user/MikaHappy)