I have all the answers to questions like – What is will of D? What is One Piece? What happened in void century? Why does World Government has such power? What is the Great Ancient Kingdom? etc.

Let’s first address the individual clues we are given about One Piece.

1: It is something that will connect the whole world

2: It is something world wasn’t ready for 20 years ago.

3: The story of the treasure and how it will connect the world is a funny tale.

4: Why is Joyboy named Joyboy?

5: How is the will of D connected to the treasure.

6: Why is be there a void century?

7: Why world nobles can command the powerful despite a possibility of not being physically more powerful?

8: Why if revealed has the potential to embroil the world in a big war in one day?

Additionally, I think it will make most sense and would be in line with usual Oda tropes if…

9: The treasure is something blatantly obvious but still no one is able to guess it.

10: Something that is inherently very funny to think about.

11. Something that fits the theme of a shounen manga.

Do you have any idea of what I’m getting at? The great treasure is One Piece. If not, Let me explain each point individually now.

One Piece is a treasure that makes the world cum together and unites them as a whole.

Roger knew 20 years ago the world was much civil and needed a revolution to make the society more accepting like it was in the void century in order to truly appreciate the treasure. It needed to be woke.

Thinking about it, it’s truly funny how Joyboy was able to unite the whole world and how it worked. Roger was truly impressed, but unfortunately the world wasn’t ready for it 20 years ago. Joyboy brought joy and happiness to the world with one piece and so he was aptly named Joyboy.

Will of D is the people who are able to derive the ultimate energy from worldly pleasures. They are down to earth people who don’t chase after superficial things like power accumulation but are very real with their desires and want only the simplest of things. This is very self explanatory why they would be the most likely to be able to control the great treasure with most effectiveness.

World government needed people to become less woke and brainwash them so it can actually break their unity and manipulate them individually. It regressed the people killed everyone in the great kingdom so another treasure like One Piece can not be made.

They have copies of One Piece, so they tempt admirals and fleet admirals with these copies and admirals are so weak minded they can actually be manipulated. Admirals are so strong because you know they are compensating for other things.

I mean it is the greatest treasure of all time who wouldn’t a piece of the one piece.

It’s literally been right there the entire time, everyone who first hears of the series has confused the name with real treasure at some point. It is one piece after all.

If Roger’s statement wasn’t something that indicated it’s funinness to the One Piece world, it would be even more befitting to Oda if the comic One Piece is made even funnier in real life by the virtue of its name and the treasure. Something that readers can’t even be mad about. Something that is punny and clever.

Nothing better than one piece which is every Japanese boys true fantasy treasure.

Do you get it one piece is actually “One Piece”. The clothing item. One Piece is lingerie one piece.

Great kingdom was a technologically advanced civilization who had great artisans who were able to make the greatest lingerie of all time, something that is so sexy, it has potential to make the world cum together. Joyboy was an okama who will wear the one piece and bring joy to everyone in the world who saw him. Joyboy was also Imu’s boyfriend who will wear the one piece suit for him. But Imu was jealous and wanted to keep Joyboy for herself, Joyboy revolted and gave Imu his hat, hid the one piece treasure and disappeared(died).

Imu being the queen of World nobles are jealous bit**es wanted noone to keep the great one piece only to herself. She ordered the destruction of Great Kingdom because she didn’t want another one piece. Will of D. is community of alphas who only give in to their primal desires, and don’t really care about fake stuff like power accumulation and are thus able to appreciate the one piece the most. That’s why even though Blackbeard is motivated by primal desire, whiteboard says he’s not worthy of it. World Government and Imu still have pictures of Joyboy and those entice admirals with seducing offers.

Theory by Roronoa Zoro (https://www.reddit.com/user/ZoroHunter)