Elbaf is a kingdom inhabited by giants, and is considered to be the strongest country in the world due to its army famed for its strength. It was first mentioned during the Little Garden Arc and was Usopp’s desired destination.

Elbaf Arc is very likely coming soon, so we’re probably going to get more lore on the giants and their culture soon. I think an interesting thing to note is that from what we know so far, the Elbaf giants seems to be connected with Norse mythology. Their leader is called Loki, and they’re clearly based on Viking warriors.

Well, looking back to Little Garden I found an interesting piece of dialogue from Dorry when readying to use the Hakoku Sovereignty with Brogy.

Looking at Norse mythology, what comes to mind when talking about serpents is Jörmungandr: the World Serpent.

“According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki’s three children by Angrboða—the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr—and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard. The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the Earth and grasp its own tail.”

“Blood-stained serpent” make it even more clear. Dorry here may be alluding to an absolutely massive blood colored serpent coiling around the entire world.

What I’m saying here is I believe that the Red Line is ACTUALLY the World Serpent Jörmungandr wrapped around the world in some sort of dormant state. When he lets go of his tail, that signals the start of Ragnarok, which could hint towards the destruction of the Red Line and start of the Final War.

Beyond that, I’m not sure how or why it’s become this way. But that’s just my theory. Just wanted to share this somewhere, I don’t know how realistic it is. Thank you for reading.

Theory by Renji (https://www.reddit.com/user/CM_Renji)