One Piece is planning to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the launch of the new movie this year. The upcoming movie is called “Stampede”, it will commemorate the anime’s 20th anniversary.

One Piece: Stampede is coming very close to its premiere date, so the spoilers of this movie have already been leaked on the internet. In today’s post, we will be talking about this highly anticipated movie. If being spoiled is not for you, I suggest that you stop reading the post here. However, if the spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started.

In this movie, we will see so many characters are crammed into the film. Maybe 80-90% among whole One Piece characters appear. MVP in this film is not Straw Hats or anyone in the poster Oda drew.

The good old One Piece song “Memories” are also aired as an instrumental music. Knock Up Stream is drawn in the film. An island that contains “Roger’s treasure” covered by soap bubble is launched via Knock Up Stream. Everyone rides on Knock Up Stream and starts a race in order to reach the island as fast as they can.

Usopp has so many highlight scenes. Stampede is the best One Piece film for him so far. Smoker also has some highlight scenes. Crocodile has more highlight scenes than Lucci. Urouge showed a move Inga-Zarashi (He used the same technique against Pacifista before timeskip.)

Luffy will fight against Urouge, but Luffy didn’t use Gear 4 in this battle. Crocodile talks with Robin, he calls her “Miss. All-Sunday”. Perona appears with Mihawk and defeats Sentoumaru with sneak attack.

Nami and Franky defeat random fodders. Aside from that, both of them have little impressive scenes. Hancock shows smiles many times. Sanji fights Lucci (short time) and Smoker.

Ace will appear in the short time as a flashback, but fans will be convinced about how staffs handle him in the film. Blackbeard also appears as a flashback in Impel Down 2 years ago.

Kizaru has little fight scenes. Akainu just orders Buster Call instead of coming the island.

Buena Festa invites Bullet to Pirate Expo for his “plan” after Bullet escaped from Impel Down. Festa believes it will be the biggest news ever in the world that can surpass the Great Pirate Era news made by Roger.

Bullet hides under the event venue until the plan starts. Festa wants to show Bullet’s undefeatable strength to the world. However, Bullet’s bounty is NOT shown in the film. When Bullet belonged to Roger pirates, his strength was equal to Rayleigh. Since then, Bullet has been training harder.

Roger’s words near the end of the film sounds important. Bullet hints a new aspect of Devil Fruit that manga has not mentioned yet. Capone’s Big Father can’t hurt Bullet. Bullet overwhelms some Worst Generation pirates easily without using his DF ability.

Thanks to Law’s ability, Law, Hancock, Buggy, Smoker and Sabo attack Bullet/his giant robot at the same time. Hancock gets mad when she saw Luffy seriously wounded by Bullet and kicks him.

In the second fight, Hancock uses her Devil Fruit ability against Bullet. Law also participates in the fight. Because of the attacks by Luffy, Law, Sabo, Hancock, Smoker, Buggy, Lucci, Crocodile and Usopp, giant armored Bullet loses balance.

Luffy attacks him and pulls out Bullet and “Roger’s treasure” from the giant robot made by his DF. Luffy and Bullet starts one-on-one fight. Luffy beats him with his gigantic right arm via Gear 4.

In the ending, many characters after Bullet gets defeated are drawn. Bullet is defeated by Luffy, Law, Sabo, Hancock, Smoker, Buggy, Lucci, Crocodile and Usopp. It’s not mentioned what happened to Bullet after he lost. Maybe he will be sent back to Impel Down considering the island is surrounded by many Marines. Festa will be defeated by Sabo, but we don’t know Festa gets captured by Revolutionary Army or Marines.

About Zoro:

Zoro fights toe-to-toe with Fujitora. Neither of them get defeated. Fujitora summons meteorites. (According to Zoro’s VA, Zoro’s 100% strength is finally shown in this film.)
We will see Zoro uses “Sanzen Sekai” technique with Armament Haki. He will fight against Crocodile (short time), Fujitora and Killer.

About Mihawk:

Mihawk have no fight scenes, but watched Zoro fighting Fujitora. Fujitora summons meteorites against Zoro at the end of the fight. Zoro cuts it down by half with ultimate technique, this scene is very impressive. Mihawk leaves the island with Perona after he handles meteorites’ rubbles made by Zoro.