There’s one theory that says that each ancient weapon is formed into 3 parts. The CCC’s theory: Conductor, Carriage, and Calvary.

Poseidon is the weapon that we know better. We have all the information about it, but we need to see it in another way. Following the CCC theory, we have: Conductor – Shirahoshi, Carriage – Noah, Calvary – The Seakings. Yeah, that makes sense for Poseidon but what about Pluton and Uranus? I’ll explain!

But, first of all, I believe that everyone knows who Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus are, right? (I’m talking about mythology). A god of the Sea, a god of the earth, and a god of the sky. Well, let’s talk about Pluton.

Almost every “no Japanese” One Piece’s fandom thinks that Pluton is just a ship (or a Warship) and that’s true (at least one part). So, in the Japanese version, when they are talking about Pluton, they didn’t say exactly that it’s a ship (or at least not how we all know, but okay).

Yeah, Franky had a layout of the ship and I agree with it! And we all know that there’s already one in the OP’s universe (and it’s probably at Alabasta), right? In Enies Lobby is spoken that a ship like that was built a long time ago in Water Seven. Back in Alabasta, Cobra was going to say something to Robin, but he stopped! And it was related to Pluton.

I think that this part of Pluton is in Alabasta and Cobra knew it (now Vivi must know). We know that the Nefertari’s family was one of the 20 who created WG. And I think that it’s a ship which can dig roles and goes underground. (In Gedatsu’s Cover Story, we can see him digging roles and arriving in Alabasta. Just information). So, okay! Pluton is a ship? Not exactly! The ship is just a part of Pluton (the Carriage). But what about the Conductor and the Calvary? We have already the answer! Momonosuke and Zunesha!

At this moment, we have just 3 characters who can “hear the things”: Luffy, Momonosuke, and Shirahoshi.

Shirahoshi can control the Seakings and Momo can control Zunesha. Both of them can control creatures that can literally easily destroy islands and perhaps the world. Both of them are from a royal family. One in the Sea and the other in the earth. Both of them are connected to Luffy. They respect and admire Luffy. They started to change because of him. They want to be “as strong as Luffy”.

And after reading Oden’s logbook, Momo says to Shinobu that he REALLY can’t die. (Maybe he already knows he’s Pluton). So, for just until now we have:

Poseidon: Conductor – Shirahoshi. Carriage – Noah. Calvary – Seakings.

Pluton: Conductor – Momonosuke. Carriage – Warship which layout was burned by Franky. Calvary – Zunisha.

Let’s now talk about Uranus!

Well, I think you guys are wondering what can be the Calvary and the Carriage of Uranus (you already know that the Conductor is Aisa). Starting with the Calvary…

Everyone knows that Elbaf is based on Norse mythology. So, we have Yggdrasil, the giant tree that connects all worlds. In Norse mythology, there is a huge bird that lives on top of that tree. A bird that flies over the world and, according to mythology, can carry an elephant with its claws (Zunesha?) and fight the world’s snake (remember Dory and Broggy talk about the RED line being a blood snake?).

Do you guys remember the giant egg in Roger’s ship? Yeah, me too! And I think that it was the egg of that bird!

Okay, before we continue with the theory, I’d like to talk a little bit about why Skypiea is the most important saga in the first part of One Piece.

Skypiea is the saga that is directly connected with the lost century. (I’m sure you’ve all seen “The Best One Piece Theory” from Ohara, right? I agree with almost everything but the part where Laugh Tale is in Enies Lobby, this part doesn’t make sense, but it’s a subject for another theory).

Well, in Skypiea the Black Beard’s Pirates are introduced, as well the Gorosei, the first appearance of Newgate, Sanji reveals that he is from North Blue (about this has a very amazing fact! It is the first time that Sanji finds a photo of a woman and does not “act normally” because the woman in the photo was too similar to her mother), Cony’s father talks about a metal that comes from the ashes of a volcano in the blue sea that reaches to the islands of the sky (Mount Fuji, the capital of flowers), we also have the sun God, the moon and many other things! And we also know that the people of Skypiea (Shandora), the fishmens, the Minks and the residents of Wano are directly connected to the lost century and the ancient kingdom.

So let’s continue the theory. Regarding Carriage, we already have it! And we’ve already seen it!

Yeah, the Arc Maxim! Enel asked to build it, but we were never told how he got the layout of that ship. I believe he found it in God’s room when he invaded it and decided to build it because “it is worthy of a god”.

So now we have the 3 Carriages. One that walks underwater, one that walks on the ground, and one that walks in the air.

Now, all that’s left is the Uranus Conductor!

Aisa is it and I’ll prove it!

So, first of all, we all know that Aisa was born with a stupidly powerful observation Aki! Since her birth, she could “hear” the whole archipelago. That’s absurd! (Enel could do it because of him devil fruit, but Aisa doesn’t have any and she was a kid.)

Just like Momonosuke and Shirahoshi, Aisa also began to admire Luffy, she was saved and motivated by him. She decided to get stronger because of him! There are only three children who “did it” for Luffy. Yeah, these 3! But wait, there’s more!

We all know that Shandore has a royal family. Ok. Oda didn’t show us who were Aisa parents, but I’m sure she’s descended from the royal family of heaven. Maybe the Skypieans and the Shandians are hiding this information to protect her.

So now we have a representative of the oceans, one of the earth, and one of the sky! After all, Joyboy is the person who connects all the races in the world, right?

And finally (and also for those who are not yet convinced, I will comment on some things I found when I started researching Uranus, the god of mythology).

Just look what I’ve found:

“Póntos (the Sea) was born from the symbolic union of Gaia with Éter. And among the sons begotten from the Primordial Egg, Uranus was the greatest, most powerful god. However, all began to fear and respect a son born of Nix and Chaos: called himself Móros (the adverse Destiny), that all beings, even the gods, submitted.

As it was an undefined being, without sex, it was also called Aisa, the great conditioner of life, the part, the lot, the lot, the lot, what to each one fit by luck, the Destiny itself.”

Yeah! Primordial Egg, Uranus, AISA!

And there’s more, in Skypiea Aisa always suffered a lot when she realized someone was dying in Skypeia, and if you remember ” it was also called Aisa, the great conditioner of life”, so…


Poseidon: Conductor – Shirahoshi. Carriage – Noah. Calvary – Seakings.

Pluton: Conductor – Momonuske. Carriage – Warship. Calvary – Zunisha.

Uranus: Conductor – Aisa. Carriage – Arc Maxim. Calvary – Huge Bird that lives in Yggdrasil.

Some may be wondering how Aisa will return to history since Skypiea meets right at the beginning of the Grand Line, well we have already the answer. Remember that back in Skypiea we discovered that there are 2 ways to enter the island? By the Knockup Stream and by the “main entrance”. Oda never showed us what that entrance is, but we can already guess how to get to it!

In Elbaf we have Yggdrasil, the tree that connects all worlds! So the main entrance to Skypiea must be through it. So, after reading it, what do you think?

Theory by Akaore (