Hi guys! Today, I want to share a theory about Tama and Tenguyama, the first 2 characters that we see in Wano. According to the theory, Tama is actually a member of the Kurozumi Clan, and that Tenguyama is Kozuki Sakiyaki, the deceased father of Oden.

This theory is mainly based on Wano’s theme of a character’s hidden vs true identity, a small theme that occasionally pops up in One Piece: the cycle of hatred and why its bad, and then circumstantial evidence on Tama and Tenguyama.

Part 1: Wano’s Identity theme.

There’s tons to choose from:

All of the Strawhats taking on Wano-specific identities, getting new names, i.e. Luffytaro, Zorojuro, Franosuke, etc., and getting wano jobs, like Ronin, Geisha, Soba-Cook.

Big Mom having amnesia and becoming O’Lin for a period of time

Kiku pretending to be a barmaid.

Kindly old Hyogoro used to be a terrifying Yakuza Boss.

Komurasaki actually being Kozuki Hiyori.

Kyoshiro turned out to be Denjiro.

Kanjuro being a kurozumi, and a traitor.

Tonoyasu was actually Yasuie.

Drake being a secret marine.

Or even pre-wano where Momonosuke was pretending to be Kine’mon’s son.

I think there’s more as well.

Part 2: Cycle of Hatred.

A smaller theme that crops up in a couple of one piece arcs is the cycle of hatred, especially prominent in Fishman Island. It also crops up in Sky Island, with the hatred between Shandians and Skypieans lasting for 400 years. And it’s here in Wano with the hatred between Kurozumi and Kozuki.

Oda has already shown the cause and effect of this cycle, with Kurozumi members being persecuted well after the failed coup for many decades, especially showing Orochi and Kanjuro having no fault in the coup (I don’t think either them were even born before the coup took place).

This cycle of hatred continues to Orochi, who decides to ruin the entirety of Wano for selfish reasons. Oda has usually gone the full length of resolving the theme in past arcs, so I don’t expect him to leave it incomplete in Wano. And I expect to resolve in some way relating to Tama, and Tenguyama, where Tenguyama decides to look after Tama, perhaps in despite of her family, and perhaps in the future, Tama and Momo become close friends or something.

Part 3: Evidence for Tama and Tenguyama’s identities.

My initial premise is that most major characters in Wano are hiding something in their identity, and that Tama and Tenguyama have not yet fulfilled the unspoken promise of a hidden identity, despite both being fairly important character’s within in Wano and that they were the first 2 human characters we see in Wano.

I honestly don’t think I have much evidence for Tama being a Kurozumi, besides the aspect in her past being without a family and being poor, and her canonical hair color being the same as Orochi’s.

Tenguyama has a little bit more going for him to be Kozuki Sukiyaki, being his very unspecified death during the Oden flashback. Tenguyama mentioned that he can’t go into town without being recognized, and his shared voice actor with Sukiyaki. There was also an interesting mention of Kokeshi Dolls, and the fact that Tenguyama collects them, and that there’s also a collection of them in the Castle in Wano. Perhaps it’s Sukiyaki’s lost collection, and he started rebuilding his collection after the successful coup?

This evidence is fairly circumstantial, and it’s reasonable that they don’t have these hidden identities, or have different ones. But I think these identities fit together well, and that this theory provides a proper resolution to multiple themes in Wano.

Theory by dakota2008