Who is Nami’s father? It’s not someone we know a lot about or seen a lot about……well in his human for but I think Nami’s father is Spencer from the Roger pirates. He looks like a male Nami.

There is another connection, A Spencer is a navigational gaff rigged sail hoisted in place of a larger mainsail when winds are very high. The trysail provides enough thrust to maintain control of the ship, e.g. to avoid ship damage, and to keep the bow to the wind. It is hoisted abaft (i.e., directly behind) the mainmast (taking the place of the much larger mainsail) or, on a brig, abaft the foremast. A trysail is analogous to a storm jib.”

There is also another funny parallel. Spencer is also a word for someone whose job it is to hand out money and provisions it evolved into the word dispenser. Nami is usually the one who hands out allowances to the crew.

So Spencer is Nami’s father who cares? Well I say it is important as Spencer has been in our face for quite some time Spencer no longer goes by his name or face and now is better known as….Big News Morgans.

In the picture, Nami is bonding with a albatross/seagull and there is a few things:

First off it’s dressed up as a marine which could be a reference to Bell-mère Nami adoptive mother. (Her name is French for step mother and also mere in Norse means sea)

However, next to Nami is a straw hat on a postal box. This is a reference to Spencer who according to this theory is a Roger pirate (straw hat), who now commands birds to go around delivering news papers (postal box).

Now, Morgans is also a French name which originated in the Celtic times. In Gaelic (language of Ireland) and France the name Morgans means “born of the sea”. Morgans is a very stingy character. He’s always chasing a big story and writing it however he wants truth or lie as long as it makes him money, reminds me of Nami.

However, Nami and Morgans are not so greedy when it comes to what is really important.

In Sabaody, Nami was willing to part with all her money to save Camie no question only to be instantly out bid by a Celestial Dragon before eve making an offer.

As for Morgans, he is greedy and a liar but he has his pride as a journalist like when he refused a check in order to publish a story and apparently the bribe was big.

Nami and Morgans are also a lot stronger than they look while probably not the strongest person there is he did knock out a CP agent.

Morgans also seems to be well loved by his workers showing that he must be a good boss to work for, and treats his staff with respect while demanding hard work.

Now, Morgans is always in his hybrid form which is odd as we never see anyone do that except for Chopper who really just does it for merchandise. So, I think the reason Morgans is always in hybrid form is Oda way of telling us that his human form is important and there is a reason he can’t reveal it.

Morgans is also a albatross user and albatrosses and seagulls are sea birds and also navigational birds. Sailors lost at sea would use the seagul or albatross as a sign they are near land and would follow them until they brought them back to land.

Another interesting detail is that Nami is connected to the news paper. Besides the last bounty update when it was Robin who read the paper, (probably because Nami would mention Koby and Robin for some reason tends not to share important information unless asked) Nami is always the one who reads out the news.

And in chapter 96, we see her arguing with a albatross and threatening it for the outrages price it was asking for the news paper which was 100 beries which if in yen would be 0.69 cent in euro or 0.74 cent in dollar, demonstrating how much of a SCROOGE! Nami was.

Also Ussop telling her to stop “squawking” is a very interesting wording there.

Now, I believe Morgans has been helping Luffy in his own way for some time. Maybe not helping him but using Luffy as a means of passing on a message to the world because something that is odd is that Luffy bounty has the D in it.

This is odd as we are told that Roger’s bounty poster was Gold Roger, not Gol D Roger.

Now as for as I am aware we never seen Blackbeard’s Poster in tact which might mean Luffy is the only one with the D in his poster as we know Law’s poster misses it and I believe Kid is a D, Shanks and Kaido might also be D clan but their posters are just Shanks and Kaido no family name.

Perhaps someone who works with the news published this to correct what happened to Roger who didn’t really like being called Gold Roger.

Morgans seems to take a special interest in the Supernovas, believing they have the potential to become Pirate King.

He is making sure the world sees them, but also makes sure the world sees Luffy in particular. Now he did recently publish a story that make it look like Luffy kidnapped Vegapunk, so thats not very helpful. But I never said he was trying to make Luffy look good, but also he did say this will make the WG happy, so perhaps he is trying to get back in their good graces after beating up an agent and publishing a story that made them look bad.

But to prove his also not all bad for some reason he agreed to help Vivi and is hiding her on his ship, so Morgan is a former Roger pirate and father to Nami.

Now is he just a bad father not trying to reach out to his daughter well, maybe he is an absentee father that does seem to be the default setting. However, keep in mind Morgan should believe Nami is dead. The island Oykot where she is from was attacked about 20 years ago and Nami was taken by Bell-mére and probably renamed since now would she know Nami real name.

So there really isn’t any reason to even suspect Nami is his daughter and yes as a journalist he could probably investigate but what would be his motivation to think she is his daughter after all these years just cause she is what? Orange haired?

Now, I mentioned Morgans is Celtic/ French for born of the sea right well this is important.

In the recent SBS, which is what led me to chapter 49 which got me suspicious of Nami being Morgans daughter which was a theory I nearly gave up on. In the recent SBS, it was revealed Zoro’s mother name is Terra which means earth in several languages.

This is relevant because Sanji’s mother is named Sora which means sky.

Nami means wavein Japanese and Morgans means born of the sea, so Nami name would be Morgans Nami unless her real name is Morgans Umi. Umi means sea in Japanese.

Now this is interesting.

Luffy is the sun god. Maybe his mother name is solar.

Zoro is the son of earth.

Sanji is the son of the sky.

Nami is the daughter of the sea.

The missing piece is Ussop. We don’t know his full name, it’s believed he’s a Mont Blanc, but we don’t know his actual name as if he was a Mont Blanc he would have said something about it, so it’s probably a name his family doesn’t go by anyway.

Anyway, I believe Ussop following this theme is the moon to the group. After all the moon reflects the light from the sun and that can be said of Ussop who often shines thanks to Luffy.

Theory by MrBushido56 (https://www.reddit.com/user/MrBushido56)