We know that Armament haki and swordsmanship are very much important as it is the most focused on part of Zoro’s training with Mihawk.

Also, we know that, according to Oda, Zoro’s specialty is with Armament haki. How interesting and fitting would it be if Mihawk matches Shanks theme, but instead of being the killer of observation haki, he is the killer of armament haki, which means he takes away the most important thing to swordsmen around the world, and it could be a big reason why he stands atop all other swordsmen.

In that case, Zoro may find a way to overcome this and beat Mihawk, possibly with conqueror’s haki instead.

Furthermore, we know that Armament haki in particular is linked with swordsmanship with mentions of Ryuo, the advanced version of armament haki, allowing one to cut what one wants to cut, and not cut what one wishes not to cut (Hyogoro’s explanation of Ryuo and Zoro’s sensei/Zoro in Alabsta).

Moreover, Killing Armament haki might be related to making a black blade. What if, sort of “stealing” armament haki, feeds it into your sword and after many fights, it becomes a black blade?

This would also tie in with what was said about Ryuma and how he achieved a black blade, noting that Shusui was with him through many battles, eventually becoming a black blade.

What do you guys think?

Theory by Kikoco (https://www.reddit.com/user/Kikoco)