Hello guys, another quick theory to share with you today. This one will discuss Kaido’s awakening and Ryuma’s strength.

To begin, we know that Ryuma had killed a dragon in the past. In fact, this is one of the most hailing achievements we know of Ryuma, aside from turning Shusui into a black blade. Also, we know that dragon is most likely not a man-made dragon that was seen on Punk Hazard from Dr. Vegapunk.

The dragons on Punk Hazard were too weak to be hailed as that big of an achievement for Ryuma. The technology back then was most likely nowhere near as good as it is now to even be able to recreate dragons.

Therefore, that dragon must’ve been the REAL deal. And we know that Dr. Vegapunk is attempting to create dragons for a reason, studied lineage factors, as well as experimented on Kaido, who we know has a power to turn into a dragon, What could this all mean?

It could be the case that Kaido’s fruit’s awakening actually turns him into a shape similar to the shape of the dragon we saw Ryuma kill, in fact that dragon that Ryuma killed may have been a previous awakened user of Kaido’s fruit.

Dr. Vegapunk knew this awakening and attempted to recreate the dragon using Kaido’s lineage factors, and the result are the dragons we see on Punk Hazard. However, they were failures as Kaido was not awakened at the time (or maybe even now), and that is why Momo’s devil fruit is a failure as it does not turn the user straight away into the awakened form.

In the case Kaido does not have awakening yet: Since Kaido said that awakening is when one’s mind catches up with the potential of their ability, it may be the case that Kaido has not fully grasped or understood the potential of his fruit. What is left for him to grasp in this case?

The ability to breathe underwater, as Azure dragons are known to do. This may have been hinted to with Jack breathing underwater, as well as Luffy and Big Mom washing ashore. Or perhaps a special ability of the Azure dragon is since they’re said to “Be able to dive into the depths of the ocean to uncover its secrets”, exclusive to his fruit he may be able to function underwater.

Theory by Kikoco (https://www.reddit.com/user/Kikoco)