So we have now seen two large items in One Piece: Giant strawhat and Sword in Wano. My theory is that Joyboy is/was maybe a giant in his normal form, which explains why the strawhat was so big.

Maybe he was also a swordsman because in episode 958, Sengoku tells Sakazuki that there is a reason why all the big shots in the pirate world always find themselves in Wano (you may argue that it’s because of the Kozuki clan and the Poneglyphs and are one of the only groups of people who could read them- the other being the people of Ohara).

I think that Joyboy was maybe from Wano and the sword in Onigashima is/was his, which could explain why it’s so big( some of you may say it was the skull’s owner’s sword). You should remember that Luffy can gigantify himself which fits in with my theory perfectly, so maybe Joyboy’s original plan was to also open up the world, Wano included (after having to close it off after the ancient kingdom fell at the hands of the newly formed World government 800years ago).

Hence, the “drums of liberation” and why Yamato said that Luffy is the guy Wanokuni has been waiting for, via Oden’s logbook.( Luffy is Joyboy and therefore shares his dream to free the world).

I also think that was Joyboy’s promise to the previous Mermaid princess (Poseidon), to free her from being used as a slave for the World government (weapon of mass destruction). Which is why a fellow fishmen* Fisher tiger, later freed captive fishmen and created the “SUN” pirates. Coincidence….. I think not.

GODA cooking, everything is finally falling into place (Thousand Sunny, Sun pirates, Boss Hyo saying Luffy is like the sun god and then Luffy actually being the sun god, implying that there could be other gods.) Rumours saying that the Gorosei are named after planets and then realizing that in the library in Ohara there was a model of the Solar system.

Theory by Tapsy Tee