Joy Boy is a figure of deep historical and mythological relevancy in the One Piece universe. He is said to have existed in a forgotten era known as “The Void Century,” which occurred 800 to 900 years before the current storyline. The study of the era is forbidden by the World Government of One Piece, but it is said that whoever learns the truth of the Void Century will learn the “true history” of the world. It was also foretold that Joy Boy would return in approximately 800 to 900 years.

The Lunarians are a race of people from the Red Line who are able to create flames from their bodies. This race is considered extinct, and King is believed to be the only known survivor. They were formerly known as a race of “gods” who lived at the top of the Red Line.

According to Whitebeard, there was a “Kingdom of the Gods” on the Red Line that existed before Mary Geoise arrived there. However, under as yet unknown circumstances, the Lunarians nearly died out, with only one known survivor from the tribe at present. But why did they all die? Who beat them?

I believe they were the original Gods that Joy Boy defeated in the Void Century. They were the race that lived atop the Red line and lorded over the rest of the world, until the Nika fruit awakened again and took them down.

The newly formed World government, made of the 20 kings that allied with Joy Boy, erased their existence from the records and became the tyrannical overlords of their own accord and betrayed Joy Boy in the process, refusing to destroy the Red line and instead taking the former Lunarian Kingdom at Mariejois for themselves. Only the Nefertari’s felt guilty about this and chose to settle in Alabasta.

The Nika fruit has returned to complete Joy Boy’s purpose and destroy the Red line, along with the other things he’s gonna do like liberate the oppressed masses of the world and raise Noah from the depths.

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