In One Piece Chapter 595, Akainu said he was “Truly Frightened” to learn about Jewelry Bonney escaping from the World Government. For a while, I thought that this alluding to her being the result of Vegapunk’s experiment or the like.

But recently I revisited the Reverie arc where she appears. I’ve also been thinking about the recent manga developments where it was revealed that the Gomu-Gomu no mi was important enough to the World Government for them to jail Who’s Who just for failing to secure it. And how the World Government reacted similarly when they found out about Law’s fruit, they were looking for it in his flashback because it had a secret power to provide immortality.

I think Jewelry Bonney may actually be from the Void Century.

Bonney was shown previously to be able to manipulate her own age as well as others. For a while its been believed that no matter who she was manipulating, that it was a temporary effect. But that hasn’t really been clarified in terms of using her powers on herself. So, what if the reason that Akainu was scared wasn’t because she was some kind of Vegapunk’s experiment or some secret badass hardened criminal, but the true keeper of the world government’s secrets?

Bonney has eaten a currently unnamed Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to manipulate the aging process, allowing her to freely make herself and others older or younger. Thanks to her fruit, she might have been around since the void century. She may very well have been a citizen of the ancient kingdom and/or a member of the D clan. With a secret like that, hiding from the world government and a knack for disguise, I wouldn’t doubt it if she changed her name along with it.

Something that is also interesting to consider is what happened during the Reverie. She disguised herself as the Queen Dowager Conney of the Sorbet Kingdom, the same kingdom that Bartholomew Kuma used to be the King of. And going by traditional Oda naming conventions, I wouldn’t doubt it if the real Queen Dowager Conney is a relative of hers considering that she was able to successfully fool the guards and other members of the Navy at the Reverie.

Knowing Bartholomew Kuma was a high level member of the Revolutionary Army before becoming a Warlord in addition to being King of the Sorbet Kingdom, it stands to reason that the only other character we have seen describe themselves as from the Sorbet kingdom that also expressed concern for Kuma is somehow tied to Kuma’s story.

So all that in mind, please tell me if this makes sense: Kuma was once the King of the Sorbet Kingdom and Fought in the Revolutionary Army. At one point, he is approached by the world government to agree to become a Warlord of the Sea. With this agreement he would not only become a Warlord, but the only Warlord known for doing the WG’s bidding.

The reason for this is because while he was away, they took a treasure from the Sorbet kingdom, a hostage- The woman who is now known as Jewelry Bonney. In exchange for letting her live he would become the government’s lap dog. But something happened before the start of Luffy’s Journey and Bartholomew’s run in with the straw hats on thriller bark- Bonney escaped. No longer as afraid of the WG, but knowing that his time was running short as he was already well into becoming the first Pacifista at that point, the process irreversible, he runs into the son of an old friend, and entrusts the future of the world and his hopes to the Straw Hats.

And why would the WG want to keep Jewelry Bonney captive if not remove her from the picture entirely? For the same reason that Kuma, a member of royalty, would want to join the revolutionary army. She knows the history of the Void Century, because she was there, and she told Kuma the truth. The true treasure of the Sorbet Kingdom was the forbidden knowledge of the void century. And so save Jewelry Bonney and his kingdom from the same fate as Ohara years before it, Kuma sacrificed himself, his principles, and his future to the WG to protect it.

And THAT is why Akainu was terrified when he heard about Bonney’s escape. She knows the truth, and for all he knows, she could have told everyone in her crew. Which is probably why we haven’t seen her crew since Sabaody, whoever Blackbeard didn’t kill was probably killed by the navy. Absolute Justice and all that.

But if thats true, why didnt she tell everyone once she escaped?

For Kuma. Because the WG then had a hostage to use against her in the form of Kuma, which is why she was going to the Reverie to rescue him.

Theory by Alamojak