Aokiji has frozen people alive just before Water 7 and even Jozu during Marineford, these attacks were called “Ice Time (アイスタイム Aisu Taimu).”

When Aokiji froze Saul, the attack was called “Ice Time Capsule (アイスタイムカプセル Aisu Taimu Kapuseru)”.

Ice Time Capsule (アイスタイムカプセル Aisu Taimu Kapuseru?): Using his powers, Kuzan sends a wave of ice along the ground. Anything it hits is frozen in place. A “time capsule” is a container storing a selection of objects chosen as being typical of the present time, buried for discovery in the future.

I think Saul is the man marked by fire as mentioned in 1056, he was preserved in a time capsule by Aokiji.

My guess

Saul survived the burning of Ohara, he even scavenged some of the books from Ohara too. I bet Saul learned the language of the Poneglyphs himself as his responsibility since he took part in the hunting of the Ohara Scholars.

Saul being a powerful giant / ex Vice Admiral would explain why he hasn’t been captured or killed all these years later. He is hiding on Elbaf where he is safe. Either way, I do think Saul is alive if nothing else. I really look forward to his reunion with Robin.

Imagine Robin’s reaction when they arrive on Elbaf and she sees a giant, scarred by burns from extensive cold and wearing an enormous cowboy hat, fishing. He looks over, sees who’s coming over, and starts to laugh. That familiar laugh she thought she’d never hear again, a little older, but still delightfully awkward and full of warmth.

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