After an incredible chapter last week, we are not going to get any chapter this week because One Piece yet again is on a break this week. In case you didn’t know, Oda became sick recently. However, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about, and he is most likely fine already.

Since Authors are 2-3 chapters ahead of what comes out in the Weekly Shonen Jump, so a problem for this chapter means it happened 2-3 weeks ago already. But as a result, there is an unscheduled break. And the next chapter of One Piece will be officially released on March 8th.

Chapter 972 was am epic one because we saw the death of Oden and how he saved his Nine Red Scabbards. Now, that Oden’s flashback is over with, we are going to get a good look at the present timeline yet again. I don’t think we will see how Toki sent everyone into the future because it was Oden’s flashback and now that he is dead, it makes sense to end it.

One Piece Chapter 973

One Piece Chapter 973 is releasing soon, and we will get to see what happened with the rebel team ships and where’s everyone disappeared to. Kurozumi Orochi has cut off almost all the ties from where the rebels can attack Kaido, but since Luffy is the protagonist we’ll see him and others find a way through this difficult situation in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga. The chapter will show more on how the rebels will re-unite and what will be the meeting point, now that everything is in disarray.

Also, there is no new news on the traitor as well, so maybe the traitor will inform Orochi of their future plans. Kinemon needs to find who the traitor is soon otherwise the raid plan can go wrong.

One Piece 973 spoilers will be released soon, and we will share the spoilers as soon as they get released. Make sure to bookmark this page for an updated article.