Official sources confirmed that Odacchi has suddenly fallen ill and because of that ONE PIECE will be on Break in the next 2 issues.
It will resume in Issue #46 with Cover and Lead Color Page.

Apology issued by the Jump Editorial Department in Issue #44

To our readers.
Thank you for reading ONE PIECE.

ONE PIECE will be on break in this issue due to the author’s sudden illness.

We are very sorry to all the readers who are looking foward to it.

Although ONE PIECE is mentioned in this memo, it not published in this issue, the correction was not in time due to the printing provess. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The continuation is scheduled to resume with an opening colour page from WSJ#46 (to be released on October 17).

We look foward to your continued support of ONE PIECE.

Shonen Jump Editorial Department.

However, it’s not like he’s still sick & needs 2-week break or something. Odacchi was probably sick last week, maybe due to flu or cold & he might have missed the first deadline. Odacchi is probably back in good health and he might already be working on future manuscripts right now. So don’t worry too much.