I think Imu’s face may have been revealed to us during the Skypiea Arc, and I think its the face on Enel’s Maxim ship. The parallels between the Skypiea arc/Enel and Imu are vast and just like typical Oda I believe it may have been foreshadowing for Imu.

During Nolands flashback we get a priest that has a bible with a very similar face to Enel’s Maxim ship’s face. We also get a quick panel of one of Noland’s men wearing a gold mask which looks like the same exact face that’s on the Bible and on Enel’s ship.

To also remind you Noland’s flashback was over 400 years ago, I thought Enel’s ship maybe was made after his own image because of his God Ego, but that’s not the case if these are all the same faces, AND that mask Noland’s men found is over 1100 years old because we learned that’s when Shandora’s Golden city was created and was untouched since then because Shandorian’s don’t care for gold.

Now, look at the picture of Kuma who always has a bible and his has a completely different cover than this bible from 400 years ago. Which bible was first? With the Void century and the erasure of vital information from that time, did they remake an entirely new bible/God? Is this nothing and Oda just drawing Bibles with different images, could be.

To make a super reach, the picture on Kuma’s Bible to me looks awfully like Vivi and her mom, more her mom because of the hair style, but it seems that a family resemblance for the female Nefertari’s is a thing, with the introduction of Lili’s character her silhouette looks like them as well.

I’m not sure what this means, but in recent chapters with how important we just learned the Nefertari family is and Imu’s connection to Lili and the fact that he (she) wants to capture Vivi, something big is there.

Inside Enel’s ship near his throne he has two symbols that seem very similar to the World Government’s flag symbol and its also on Imu’s own throne.

There’s obviously a bunch of parallels between Enel and Imu which is even more apparent in recent chapters. With Enel having a flying machine that can literally wipe out islands and his smites people below him with his DF ability. We also get Imu’s new weapon that flys and can destroy islands just like Enel’s Maxim.

One other thing to note is the lack of pupils in each of these faces, which in contrast is the only detail we’ve gotten so far in Imu’s appearance, was this deliberate because then Oda really couldn’t show us much with Imu’s silhouette?

ALSO, I wasn’t sure what the flower on this Enel’s Maxim face’s forehead meant, but did a couple of quick google searches and I found this, Could be nothing, but could be something.

Nefertem was an Egyptian God whose name meant “beautiful one who closes” or “one who does not close”; also spelled Nefertum or Nefer-temu) originally a lotus flower at the creation of the world, who had arisen from the primal waters.

Nefertem represented both the first sunlight and the delightful smell of the Egyptian blue lotus flower, having arisen from the primal waters within an Egyptian blue water-lily, also called Nymphaea Caerulea. Some of the titles of Nefertem were “He Who is Beautiful” and “Water-Lily of the Sun”, and a version of the Book of the Dead says:

Rise like Nefertem from the blue water lily, to the nostrils of Ra (the creator and sungod), and come forth upon the horizon each day.

Do I even need to point out all of these connections to One Piece? Not only is Nefertem an Egyptian God, which Vivi’s family is nation is based on, his name is very similar to Nefertari. He represents the first sunlight?

Luffy is now the Sun God, Nefertem is also called the “water- lily of the sun” Obviously this connects back to the name Lili from the Nefertari family that we were just introduced to. Blue water Lily also might connect to Vivi’s whole family because she has blue hair, her mom did, and possibly Lily. Just the references to primal waters and the sun which are huge things in the One Piece world.

If Kuma’s bible does have a Nefertari person on it, what does that mean? Are they descendants of the Original God?

So I’m not sure of all the details or how everything connects, like whoever this Imu person is, in the most recent chapter we learn that someone named Imu existed over 800 years ago. Its speculated they may have had the immortality surgery from Ope Ope no mi, did they also use the personality/Mind switch ability too and this Imu person is inhabiting the actual true One Piece God’s body?

I don’t know, but I feel like the fact that Enel’s ships face matches the bible from 400 years ago, the Golden mask from 1100 years ago and somewhat looks like Imu’s silhouette maybe theres something here.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, if I’m on to something or just too deep down the One Piece rabbit hole and super reaching!

Theory by LightingGodEnel (https://www.reddit.com/user/LightingGodEnel)