One Piece fans finally got to witness the true power of the legendary hero Monkey D. Garp, and it exceeded even their wildest expectations. Garp is part of a group of characters whose legendary strength has been teased throughout the entire series, and it’s finally time for One Piece to show the true power of Luffy’s grandpa.

The final pages of One Piece chapter 1080 feature Garp leaping off his ship mid-air and unleashing the Galaxy Impact on Fullalead. A testament to the incredible power packed by the attack, it destroyed the entire surrounding town in a single blow.

Galaxy Impact has become a hot topic among fans due to its destructive impact on Blackbeard’s headquarters. What’s even more impressive is that Garp’s punch didn’t even physically touch the terrain. He was indeed a hundred meters above the island, if not even more. Still, he generated such destruction with a shockwave created by his immense Haki.

Among Galaxy Impact’s most evident features are the black lightning sparkles, which identificate that the attack was empowered by Conqueror’s Haki. The effect was devastating, as the strike unleashed black lightning trails that easily dwarfed entire buildings.

Such a showcase of power left One Piece fans astonished. Galaxy Impact is just the opening move and is thus far from being the best attack that Garp can perform. Moreover, Luffy’s grandfather is 78 years old now, and he admitted that aging has somewhat weakened him.

It only follows that, in his prime days, Garp would have been able to use attacks even a step above the already outstanding might of the Galaxy Impact. Old Garp’s Haki-coated punch can easily rival other Conqueror’s Haki-powered techniques, such as Zoro’s Dragon Damnation or Luffy’s Over Kong Gun.

Compared to Divine Departure, the Conqueror’s Haki-enhanced attack that Shanks used in One Piece 1079, Garp’s Galaxy Impact has a different effect but similar power overall. Galaxy Impact is fearsome, but it doesn’t seem as strong as Kaido and Big Mom’s combined attack, the Hakai, or Luffy’s Bajrang Gun. The latter, in particular, packs enough power to destroy the entire island of Onigashima, overwhelming Kaido’s Rising Dragon Flame Bagua and putting him down.

However, Garp will likely be able to perform even mightier attacks than the one he used in One Piece 1080. While Galaxy Impact destroyed a town, Garp’s most powerful punch may be able to destroy an entire island.

The chapter certified that the very few characters who are strong enough to use the Advanced Conqueror’s Haki can reach and surpass the destructive power of the mightiest Devil Fruits. While Roger used to channel his Haki through his sword Ace, Garp has been and remains a bare-handed fighter. He combined Haki with the tremendous physical power unleashed by his punches.

An aged Garp, many years past his prime, can factually recreate the earthquakes of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit with a Haki-enhanced punch. With this astonishing display, and also taking into account that this is not even the best that he can do, Garp certified himself to be one of the mightiest Haki users in the series.