As we know that:

– Devil fruit users only learn names based upon what their power is, not from the devil fruit telling them.

– Oda is currently in the process of wrapping it up quickly as possible.

– One piece will follow typical Shonen storytelling (Luffy is Joyboy chosen one etc).

First, I don’t understand why nobody is pointing out what seems so painfully obvious to me. Franky had the plans to an ancient weapon. Nico Robin is the only known person who can solve the void century. These are two of some of the most dangerous people in the world in the World government’s eyes.

Lucci had them both. Not only did he lose them to Luffy, he let Luffy, a low tier pirate at the time, destroy the entire judicial Island. Lucci is now a leading figure in CP0.

Who’s Who lost a seemingly low tier paramecia fruit to an Emperor and was imprisoned. I believe Lucci’s character was brought back recently to emphasize this point, the difference in consequences of their failures. The implication being Lucci’s failure wasn’t worthy of much punishment and Who’s Who’s failure was worthy of imprisonment in Impel Down.

I have a few theories as to why Who’s Who was punished based upon the latest chapter, and the knowledge that the Gum-Gum fruit is one of the only fruits visually identified in the fruit encyclopedia.

I believe Roger found the Gomu Gomu no Mi at Laugh Tale. I do not believe the fruit is the One Piece. I believe the fruit is some kind of mythical fruit that has a semblance to a fire deity, hence Luffy being alluded to as a deity in Wano in the manga, and a fire God in the Anime. I believe this was Joyboy’s fruit, Joyboy having gone down in legend as the Sun God Nika. I have a reason for this.

After Roger left Laugh Tale and before he was captured, he sat down with Whitebeard and they had a conversation about what he found there.

Roger also knew upon arriving there that despite Roger being the first to arrive in almost 800 years that he wasn’t the reincarnation of JoyBoy. Why?

Roger left Laugh Tale and told Rayleigh that he felt his son would be the one to return there at the appointed time. So, imagine this, Roger knew the fruit was of the Sun God or some similitude, he planned on giving it to his unborn son, and told Whitebeard about it. The fruit, the legend of Joyboy, prophecies etc.

Some 18/19 ish years later Whitebeard finds Roger’s son… wielding fire. Whitebeard assumes Roger succeeded in having his son eat Joyboy’s fruit (despite Roger dying before ace was born). Make sense now? Everyone would’ve assumed the Sun God fruit was the Mera Mera no Mi. Roger’s son wielding this fruit would only add to their confirmation bias this the reasoning behind Whitebeard planning on making Ace the Pirate King.

Whitebeard seeing Ace died realized that someone still has to fulfill the prophesy and sent everyone after the One Piece again with his final words (he also ordered his crew to save Luffy, but I imagine it was more out of respect than Whitebeard just magically realizing Rubber boi has the correct fruit).

Back to Cipher Pol though. We know it was Cipher Pol who was sent searching for Roger’s lineage. Never finding anything do you think the intel organization or the Gorosei would stop looking?

Until 10 years ago (headcanon), a CP9 agent reports he’s found a fruit that resembles the legendary fruit that the Gorosei have changed the name of in the encyclopedia. On his way to deliver it to the Elders he gets stopped by Shanks’ crew. By accident? Doubt it. If Roger took that fruit from Laugh Tale then Shanks knew about it from their return voyage and crew disbandment.

If this fruit really is legendary and Shanks was aware of all the prophecies etc then we can assume he was given the strawhat and the duty to look for Roger’s heir. Knowing it’s not himself, Shanks doesn’t eat it, saving it til he could probably find Ace. Until a little boy eats it behind his back.

I’d like to ask you guys. Does a little boy saying he wants to be a pirate deserve the Pirate King’s former strawhat just for saying he’s gonna be strong? A strawhat that we KNOW bares significant meaning as Imu has a large one. Or did Luffy eat a fruit of legend at just the right point in history and shanks recognized that he was most likely the child of prophecy and decide to give up his arm and strawhat to him?

Who’s Who is probably punished for losing the potentially most valuable fruit in the world. They probably expect he either lied about finding it or plotted with Shanks to keep it with an elaborate cover up. Any other theories here are welcome.

Regarding the latest chapter and why the Gorosei would just now be figuring out Luffy has some legendary fruit. Red Hawk and Gear 4. I don’t imagine the Gorosei are immortal, they’ve probably heard about the fruit through stories passed down. This shows why there’s arguing among them about the fruit itself.

Some probably believed the Gum-Gum fruit was nothing more than rubber and the rumors were fake they chose to believe it was genuinely a rubber fruit because surely a Sun God fruit would display more properties of a Sun God, not just elasticity. They probably felt the fruit was properly named and the fruit of legend is something else yet to actually be found. No need to believe the Gomu Gomu no Mi was improperly named since Luffy was legit only using rubber abilities. No Sun God characteristics in sight.

Until Luffy starts whipping out fire fists. Forcing the Gorosei to start having to discuss the possibility that Luffy has actually eaten the fruit they feared and jumping around looking like a “deity” and throwing hands with the strongest creature.

I’ll also add…Rayleigh probably doesn’t just train anybody and seems pretty confident Luffy will make it. Curious if Rayleigh coached Luffy on red Hawk.

Again, I’m operating under the assumption that Oda really is following through on wrapping the series up relatively soon and not in another decade. It’s painfully obvious Luffy is Joyboy or will fulfill Joyboy’s promise. Oda has also confirmed he’s known since the beginning what fruit Luffy has and how the series will end.

Kaido and Big Mom falling here will create a massive power vacuum that I believe will directly transition us to the next saga. I don’t believe there will be another big build up and new mystery to solve. Oda is probably going to continue using the snowball he’s been rolling since Punk Hazard. This would mean it’s about that point in the story that Oda would be wrapping up mysteries not creating new ones. Starting with Luffy’s claim to the throne when Roger himself felt he wasn’t the right person of legend.

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