Howdy One Piece fans! I’ve been thinking about the awakening of Big Mom’s Soul Soul Fruit. There are of course a lot of theories and discussions about what her awakening would be or if it has not been already displayed in the series. I´ve seen many people point out the moment in chapter 1031 when Big Mom eats her own soul to grow bigger OR the moment in chapter 1039 when she uses her own soul to heal herself as her awakening, but I don’t think so (and I will explain why!). This is my take on Big Mom’s awakening!

I know Paramecia’s awakening is not as straight forward as Zoan’s, but I think we can agree that is basically:

– It’s an increase in the fruit’s power often used as a final form or ultimate attack.

– The Paramecia’s awakening can break the rules of the original power and surpass its limits.

– It demands the user a high level of experience/time with the original power before unlocking awakening.

Based on rule 3, we can assume that Big Mom definitely achieved awakening since she “gain” the Soul Soul powers when she was 6 and since then she has been involved in innumerous battles to the point of becoming one of the Four Emperors.

But how do we figure out what are Soul Soul Fruit´s standard powers and what is its awakening since we have mostly seen Big Mom at her prime? Fortunately, we have 2 moments when we can see just the STANDARD powers of the fruit! Then we can compare those two moments to how Big Mom uses her powers now to give us a hint of what is its awakening.

The first moment is in chapter 867, when Carmel uses its power to transform the fire that Big Mom created is her wrath into Pandora, a homie similar to Prometheus. Since Carmel wasn´t displayed as a strong character, I’m assuming she haven´t achieved awakening.

The second moment is in chapter 868, just after Big Mom “got” the Soul Soul powers, she transformed a flower into a homie, “just like Carmel”.

I think creating homies is part of the standard powers of the fruit (not the awakening) and we can clearly see that, in both moments, no soul was taken from someone else to create the homie. THEY USED THEIR OWN SOUL.

Based on that, my theory is that the Soul Soul Fruit’s awakening is the SOUL POCUS (Big Mom’s ability to take people’s souls and create homies with them)! So, the Soul Soul Fruit allows the user to manipulate his/her own soul. The awakening allows the user to take and use other people’s soul.

Going back to the 3 rules I’ve said: It makes sense as an ultimate attack because it can be a 1-HIT KO move with the bonus of the creating and new ally. It also breaks the rules of the power and expands it beyond its original limits. Since we only seen Soul Pocus been used by Big Mom at her prime, we can assume it can only been unlocked by a deep level of experience with the original power.

Also, I think that if Soul Pocus could be used by any Soul Soul fruit’s user, it would make it one of the most OP fruits in the series. Characters should seen it as they see the Ope Ope Fruit, the “ultimate” fruit. By locking Soul Pocus to awakening, the Soul Soul Fruit becomes way more balanced since the user has to spend his/her own life spam in its abilites. So, even strong abilites like using the user’s own soul to become stronger or heal his/herself would be part of the standard powers and have cost of using the user´s soul.

Theory by Kachec101 (