So many of you should know the new admirals of the navy: Fujitora and Green Bull. We at this point know that Fujitora has the “gravity” devil fruit Zushi Zushi no Mi. Green Bull is called a “beast” by Doflamingo in terms of “power”. There is no mystery surrounding Fujitora about his ability, but we don’t know about Green Bull, who is explicitly mentioned by Doflamingo.

The original admiral trio had powers related to their colors, but I think the new admiral trio has devil fruits that are based on onomatopoeia. The common factor being Kizaru with his Pika Pika no Mi, which is a light logia, but also the sound for something bright, sparkling, shiny, etc.

Fujitora has the Zushi Zushi no Mi, which is the sound for heavy stomping. This allows him to control gravity. In some anime gravity powers are purple, such as Zatch Bell.

Since Green Bull hasn’t eaten in 3 years, supposedly because it’s too much effort, it would be funny for his fruit to be the Peko Peko no Mi because Peko Peko is the onomatopoeia for I’m hungry. Also, it’s derived from the word hekomu, which means caved in. If he’s a paramecia then it could be possible for him to compact things similar to Compress from MHA. Perhaps it’s used in another way that is more space/physics themed like light and gravity.

My other idea, which I’ve seen some others say, is that he has a frog zoan fruit. This would still work with the onomatopoeia theme as it would be called the Kero Kero no Mi. Plus it rounds out the trio since they would have one of each type of devil fruit.

Also, I just learned about the onomatopoeia Dara Dara, which means slovenly, idly, slowly, or lazily. This could fit Green Bull’s character too. Power wise, it could be related to stopping or slowing time, which would explain why he doesn’t need to eat and fits into the space theme.

Do you have any thoughts on this? I think the mystery around Green Bull and his powers is fun and I can’t wait to see what he can do!

Theory by K-T-D-N (