With Buggy becoming an Emperor and with Emperors having large military might I don’t think Buggy’s Delivery service can cut it especially since the giants were his biggest earners. So what if Germa joined forces with Buggy similar to how they tried to join forces with Big Mom?

We know that the world government thinks highly of Germa since they gave Sanji a bounty of 330 million berries just for being a member of the vinsmoke family. There is also Big Mom and how much value she saw into teaming up with Germa.

Germa also managed to fight off against Big moms fleet and escape from her territory even after defeating an army of 10,000 that Big Mom sent after them. So Buggy gaining Germa could help justify him becoming an emperor.

I also think Germa is definitely going be relevant in the story going forward. The fact that they are the current cover story solidified this idea for me. So them teaming up with Buggy is how this could be achieved and not only that but in the latest Germa cover story it seems that Caeser Clown is teaming up with Germa. Meaning we might actually get it! A meeting of Buggy the clown and Caeser clown

Also, let’s talk about Buggy’s Delivery army, he only has those 4 rookie giants as his best fighters. Now you need to have ‘move’ with force on the sea, to get attention of recognization on the sea ground… specially the in eyes of journalists… the guys who nominate Emperors.

Buggy had territory, Buggy had notoriety, but what he yet haven’t is a ‘move’. Like, when pirates like Whitebeard or Big Mom moves, the world live in awe! Because they are an established terror of force! Buggy has been living alive till this days with his terrorful notoriety, impressive leadership and uncountable luck.

Now in order jump Emperor’s position, in this case being worthy of an Emperor, you’ve to show your everything to the eyes of world! What Buggy only yet haven’t done was a massive move on the new world, because he isn’t capable of doing so. Now if, any established force joins with him, like of Germa, this quota will automatically be get qualified. And Buggy will be enlisted as the second candidate after Luffy to be a worthy of an Emperor, in the entire new world!

Theory by Donquixote Rosinante (https://www.reddit.com/user/LeadershipSeparate62)