Ever Since their reveal I’ve always thought the Gorosei were strong combatants. Their design just screams experience but with them just sitting in Mariejois the whole time many people thought they would just be some old people in charge.

With the recent chapter and the reveal that the Gorosei will take a more hands on approach in the story I think its finally time to speculate on their strength/abilities.

The only one that has a direct example of how they fight is the second one. Many believe to be the wielder of the Shodai Kitetsu, a supreme grade sword (probably a black blade), so it would be easy to assume they would be fairly strong and a good marker for the strength of the other 4.

I believe unlike “Samurai Ghandi” the other members of the 5 elders will be devil fruit users, and not just any devil fruits. I think they will all possess the rarest kind of fruits, Mythical Zoans.

The Five Heavenly Beasts, are 5 mythical creatures that represent the cardinal directions/elements for Taoists. The mythical creatures are as follows; Azure Dragon of the East (Current User Kaido), Vermilion Bird of the South, Yellow Dragon of the Center, White Tiger of the West, Black Tortoise of the North.

As you can see one of these creatures is already cannon to the story with Kaido being the user of the Fish-Fish Fruit, Model Azure Dragon. So it only makes sense for the other fruits to exist as well.

With 5 Elders for 5 fruits I think it makes a good fit since one of them seems to be a pure swordsman and there are only 4 fruits left lets try and assign the fruits to the Gorosei member which seems to be most fitting for it.

Seems like all decent fits to me, what do you think?

Theory by Im Kid (https://www.reddit.com/user/robinator305)