One Piece anime is finally catching up to the manga, and the day of the fire festival is finally here when the Ninja-mink-pirate-samurai alliance raid Onigashima to take Kaido’s head. It will be one of the greatest battles in One Piece history.

For those who are curious about the upcoming fight, here are the titles and schedules for One Piece episode 982 to 986. Although not much, we can somehow know what will happen in the next episodes.

– One Piece Episode 982 Title: “Kaido’s Trump Card – The Tobi Roppo Appear”. One Piece Episode 982 will air this Sunday on 11th July 2021.

– “A True Samurai Soul – Arriving at Onigashima” is the 983rd episode of the One Piece anime. Episode 983 release date is July 18, 2021.

– One Piece episode 984 is titled “Luffy’s Recklessness?! – Sneaking into Kaido’s Party”, and set to release on July 25, 2021.

– “Feelings about O-Tama – Luffy’s Blow Angry” is the 985th episode of the One Piece anime. Episode 985 will air on August 1, 2021.

– One Piece Episode 986 Title: “Fighting Music – Ability to Attack Luffy !”. One Piece Episode 986 will air on August 8, 2021.