One Piece anime has returned to the Wano war. In episode 977, Luffy, Law and Kid saved the Samurais from the beast pirates, and now there will be a huge battle at the sea.

For those who are curious about the upcoming fight, here are the titles and schedules for One Piece episode 978 to 981. Although not much, we can somehow know what will happen in the next episodes.

One Piece Episode 978-981 Titles and Schedules:

– One Piece Episode 978 Title: “The Worst Generation Charges In! The Battle of Stormy Sea!”. The episode will be released on June 13, 2021.

– “Strong Luck!? Leader Kin’emon’s Total Plan” is the 979th episode of the One Piece anime. Episode 979 release date is June 20, 2021.

– One Piece episode 980, titled “Promise of Tears! The Kidnapped Momonosuke”, is set to release on June 27, 2021.

– “A New Companion! “Knight of The Sea” Jinbei!” is the 981st episode of the One Piece anime. Episode 981 release date is July 4, 2021.