One Piece anime is about to hit the climax. The third act of the Wano Country arc finally kicked off at the start of the new year, and with it comes the final battle for the country overall. But before this final battle can take place, the anime will be exploring one of the most important flashbacks in the series overall exploring Oden Kozuki.

In the next few episodes, the mythical character with the most fearsome emperor in history will be subjected to a difficult test. With the upcoming episodes, things will be getting more interesting. Fortunately, we have just received the staff listings and episode titles for the upcoming episodes, letting us somehow know what will happen in the upcoming episodes. If you are interested in it , you can check them out for yourself down below:

One Piece Episode 962-965 Titles:

962: Changing Destiny! The Whitebeard Pirates Cast Ashore!
963: Oden’s Determination! The Trials of Whitebeard!
964: Whitebeard’s Brother! Oden’s Big Adventure
965: Blades Crossed! Roger and Whitebeard!

One Piece Episode 962-965 Staff:

962: Yasunori Koyama/Masahiro Shimanuki
963: Satoshi Ito/Shigefumi Shingaki
964: Yutaka Nakashima/Toshio Deguchi & Keita Saito
965: Kenichi Takeshita/Kazuya Hisada