Now that One Piece anime series has resumed the broadcast after a few weeks of break. The Wano Country Arc is pretty doing well as the anime has slowly introduced new characters to aid Luffy in the incoming war.

One Piece Episode 932 is now available, having an episode title “Dead or Alive! Queen’s Sumo Inferno”. With the upcoming episodes, things will be getting more interesting. Fortunately, we have just received the staff listings and episode titles for the upcoming episodes. You can check them out for yourself down below:

Upcoming Anime Episode Titles and Release Dates:

933: Gyukimaru – Duel on Oihagi Bridge (July 19).
934: Great Reversal! Three-sword Style Beyond Death! (July 26).
935: Zoro’s Amazement! The True Identity Of The Mysterious Beauty (August 2).
936: Achieve Ryou – The Haki of Wano Country (August 9).

Staff Listings For the Upcoming One Piece Episodes:

933: Aya Komaki/Toshio Deguchi & Midori Matsuda.
934: Tatsuya Nagamine/Keita Saito & Midori Matsuda.
935: SB: Yutaka Nakashima/ED: Ken’ichi Takeshita/Kenji Yokoyama.
936: Tasuku Shimaya/Shigefumi Shingaki.

Episode 933 and 934 will definitely be awesome, as our series directors (Aya Komaki and Nagamine) will be directing these episodes, so these are going to be a must-watch (especially 934). For those who aren’t familiar with their work, Aya Komaki has directed episodes such as 894 and 909, and Nagamine has directed episode 892, the first episode into Wano. Overall, we’ve got some upcoming strong staff teams!